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Yeah I agree that nepotism and favouritism are corrupt practices because they correspond to my... Nepotism and Favoritism: A Super- Hero to Fraud & Corruption – (Nigerian Experience) 16/5/23
I agree with your last point we can create a system that acknowledges and rewards talents that... Favoritism and Equality - A Delicate Balance 16/5/23
I think that idea 4 will have the biggest impact on people because people care so much about... What should be done? 15/5/23
In addition to you I also think that royalty has no role because it causes dictatorship and some... Are royals relevant? 25/4/23
I disagree because... there part of being a tourist attraction comes with the monarchy because... The role of royals 24/4/23
I think the metaverse might be good for people who choose possibly to one day live on other... Report back 24/4/23
I disagree because... you are saying we need to grow and become who we who we want to be in... Report back 24/4/23
I disagree because... I think the workers are not affecting the students totally because through... Can everyone strike? 22/4/23
In addition to tenacious drum, I think another way for doctors to gain attention without... Can everyone strike? 22/4/23
I think law 2 would cause a negative impact on people's health in a way that there are people of... The law in your hands? 21/4/23
I disagree with your first suggestion,I know you think by keeping away factories away from... Classroom spy... 21/4/23
In addition to caring temperature statement,I agree with you because this kind of brain drain... Can everyone strike? 21/4/23
Is it right for people to send so much money on the metaverse ?Who might say yes? Who might say... Report back 20/4/23
Metaverse as a new realm . 1.Metaverse has helped countries to know intruders, spies and... A new realm to rule? 19/4/23
To me i think everyone needs to be given a chance to strike.This is because our leaders in top... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
I think law 2 would cause a positive impact on people because if everyone becomes a vegan the... The law in your hands? 18/4/23
Metaverse as anew realm[as an area of interest] to rule. 1. Metaverse has enabled people to... A new realm to rule? 18/4/23
No, people in the metaverse should not be held to the same standards as in the real... A new realm to rule? 18/4/23
Must we reject strikes as totally violent and not helpful ways of demanding for payments? Suggest a discussion! 17/4/23
Which piece of information should people know and why? People should know and be aware that... Test your knowledge 17/4/23