Pollution: who is to blame?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Every day, innocent people like me and you are blamed for the terrible, unforgivable acts of large corporation. Society chooses to overlook the many problems these companies are leading us to. This includes pollution and littering. If we continue how the world is going, it is not looking good for us, all because these companies are not disposing of their waste in an eco-friendly way.

There have been many instances where companies have been caught dumping their rubbish illegally, even when this can harm other people plus the environment surrounding it. How can we know for sure our favourite brands are not as well? Just because they have not been caught does not mean they have not done it. We need to stop such businesses from doing so as early as possible because it is harming and polluting our planet which is our home. This can potentially ruin it, making us an unhospitable planet in hundreds of years, all because we have trusted evil corporations with disposing their waste in an effective, safe way.

An example of this is how some might say it is not the companies' fault, but the consumers as more gets produced if the company sees plastic products are liked and used. Another perspective of pollution and this situation is how plastic is embedded in our day-to-day lifestyle and we cannot live without it as we are so used to it and plastic being cheap, we love buying it and using it. I can very much agree with this statement, but it is so important that we know how to make it and dispose of it safely, even the companies that make it. We can all help with this problem by reporting companies and to stop buying their products that contain un-reusable and harmful plastics. If you believe it is humans' fault that pollution is this big if a problem, you can recycle and try to maintain how much plastics you use and to stop by to pick up litter if you see it on the road.

Overall, even though people have a part in pollution, it is undoubtably large corporations who create more problems. They discard of waste, throwing it away in land, which can get moved by wind and the environment. Mass produced plastics end up in oceans and protected areas, harming the area around it. They should be more careful with how they use waste and how they make their products.

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  • Pollution in all its forms is a great disaster, and it has damages in various fields
    You ask who is to blame?
    In short, the blame falls on all of us, from the individual to the group, from the young to the old. If every person takes responsibility for his cleanliness and the cleanliness of what is around him, nothing called pollution will happen.

  • Thanks Resourceful_Elderberry - the illegal dumping of rubbish is a good example where humans are causing damage to the planet. Can you give an example of when someone has dumped rubbish?