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The virtual world is a lot of terms: on the one hand, it is considered the missing part of the... The Metaverse: Horizon Worlds 22/5/23
Pollution in all its forms is a great disaster, and it has damages in various fields You ask... Pollution: who is to blame? 21/5/23
We do not deny the existence of artificial intelligence with its pros and cons as well But I... Artists are not happy with the existence of AI 21/5/23
I would not necessarily disagree with the fact that fast fashion brands like Shein, H&M, or... Fast fashion is killing the Earth 19/5/23
It is concerning to hear about the lack of educational opportunities for girls in Swat Valley.... The news where you are 18/5/23
Hello there! I absolutely agree with your statement about the importance of practicing the 3Rs -... We can all do this together by saving planet eartn 18/5/23
I completely agree with you! Earth is our only home in the vast universe, and it provides us... EARTH DAY: How to Save Earth 18/5/23
You asked a really controversial question, and it has several Answers from my point of... Should people with higher pay be allowed to strike? 17/5/23
It is difficult to generalize the desires and motivations of all nepotism beneficiaries, as each... Challenging Nepotism for True Equality 17/5/23
Thank you for your interest in the matter, and I agree with you that the population is huge,... Equality 17/5/23
It is true that Saudi Arabia has a royal family, and the government holds significant power due... The Change of Times 16/5/23
I want to say that anything in this life has advantages and disadvantages, and this is agreed... Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the World with Boundless Potential 16/5/23
(Everything that exceeds its limits will turn against it.) This is a true and famous... Photos and voices 16/5/23
Wow, I had no idea that electric cars were becoming so popular! It's really exciting to think... Are our efforts for renewable energy really helping? 15/5/23
The front page of my local newspaper today is reporting about the ongoing border blockade and... The news where you are 15/5/23
Do you consider it a necessary tool for workers' rights or do you see it as disruptive and... "Perspectives on Strikes: What's Your Stance?" 15/5/23
I think that whoever puts artificial intelligence data to imitate and steals it without the... DISADVANTAGES OF AI's EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT CAN KILL HUMAN CREATIVITY AND UPSET ORIGINALITY 12/5/23
I agree with you humorous_personality Think of it like a bicycle - it's great for getting... METAVERSE: FRIEND OR FOE ? 12/5/23
I see that you are interested in the idea of a currency in the metaverse. That is a very... Currency in the metaverse: banking on brilliance or ballooning on bankruptcy? 12/5/23
Art is really important in our lives! It can come in many different forms like paintings,... The Importance of ALL Arts; AI, Hand/human made, Drama, Music, and all! 11/5/23