Stop Littering and Save a World

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Us humans live in an environment where there is pollution and littering and people are letting us destroy our world by doing nothing. Are we just going to sit there and do nothing while our world is being destroyed ? No one cares or even bothers to find out what's going on in our lives but luckily i have the solution to our problem. With bins there are only 15 bins around my school and other schools which surely isn't enough? With the increase of students every year the government should put out around 75 bins for every students which therefore stops littering and there's no reason for people to litter anymore . If we don't step up and help our world then who will we do it? Everyone needs to help us get rid of littering once in for all and live in a better world for us for the next generations..The Environmental Protection Act 1990 makes certain duty bodies legally responsible for keeping land which is under their control, and to which the public has access, clear of litter and refuse and their highways must be kept clean, as far as is practicable.

Litter causing a nuisance to the public or which is prejudicial to public health could amount to a statutory nuisance and local authorities have the power to take legal action.To report dropped litter, please complete a reporting form and tell them: what was dropped or thrown.You should tell them the date, time and location the littering took place.Video evidence must be include while reporting the littering offence. If the government has the heart for us people then they should voice our opinion and take it into consideration. We should not be the only ones to save our planet, we need everyone to make an effort and try their best to help our world for our future generations to lead a better life. Save our planet there is no planet B. We only live once so lets make the best out of it for us but our next generation if not our next generations won't be able to live a happy life and that would be all our fault which would be left in our hearts forever. Dumping rubbish on the world will do nothing to the Earth except ruining it.

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  • I agree with your standpoint because littering can lead to many destructions in communities, littering can blocks gutter, leading to intense floodings. Littering can lead to soil, land and air pollution. Trash along our road can serve as a breeding ground for insects and rodents. Littering can be composed of flammable materials that could immediately start fire🔥. Trash along roads and highways can lead to accidents. Debris can affect the water quality by adding chemicals to the water. Constructions waste illegal dumped in streams can include buckets that once had paint, solvents and other chemicals that can enter the water. Cigarettes butts and some other littered items contain toxic chemical that leach into waterbodies. But reducing littering can impacts positive change to the environment , we should recycle ,reuse the plastics and other non biodegradable wastes. We should not dump our household waste directly on the road, rather treat them properly for disposal . Also whiles travelling in cars and other vehicles on the roads, we should not throw wrappers, tissues etc. on the road.