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We and the environment are complementary... The environment is our friend, and we destroy it with our actions

Countries seek to pass laws to preserve the climate, but people do not feel the danger of the climate yet.

In this competition, I learned that the climate is very bad and that it is affected by human actions and their electronic fingerprints. I would now like to present some solutions to preserve the environment and climate

1- One of the most important steps is: planting more and more trees because they reduce Co² and increase pure oxygen.

2- Rationing water consumption and not wasting it.

3- Most of us use chemical fertilizers, but today I say: limiting their use and using natural fertilizers.

4- Reusing the product and not getting tired of it.

5- One of the reasons for the abundance of Co² is urban sprawl, so we must plant trees to reduce our carbon footprint

And others.....

I would like the results to be: a better climate, more trees, and bigger results. ..

Finally :I thank Miss Clover Hogan, who inspired us with the environment, and alerted us to what we did not know.

But the question is

(in your opinion, which countries have been affected by the climate and its climate is very bad? And what is the reason!?)

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  • I really like your standpoint super_atmosphere you have mentioned about one of the most important disscusion which we did in this festival "climate change" and you have given some small solutions to overcome it and you have asked us a question in the end of your stand point I will answer for it ,you have asked which countries are affected by climate change I think that climate is not an constant one it varies from place to place though if only one place is affected by an climate change it is not going to be only experienced by the people living there instead it will spread to other countries and getting it affected.Each country will experience each type of climate change this is because of the different lifestyles followed in different countries.

    1. Thank you..your answer is great...
      But I think that some countries have things that worsen the climate.. Some countries suffer from continuous floods or droughts, which leads to a noticeable climate change...
      Some countries have a large urban sprawl and a lack of trees, which affects the climate ...
      On the other hand, there are countries that care about trees and have vast forests and few to their carbon footprints...
      What do you think ?