How nepotism is affecting the world.

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What is nepotism? Nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives, friends, or associates, especially by giving them jobs. Nepotism goes all over the world and happens to not just people, but it happens to animals too.Nepotism in the workplace harms employee morale, engagement, and productivity. Showing employees performance is not the deciding factor when it comes to hiring, promotions, or day-to-day practices is a sure-way fire of destroying their motivation for the job. Nepotism can create an unfair advantage for those who have family connections, and it can limit opportunities for those who are qualified but lack those connections. It’s important to create a level playing field and evaluate people based on their qualifications and skills, not just their family connections. I can also have negative effects on morale, as it can create resentment among employees who feel that they are being overlooked for promotions and other opportunities because of their lack of family connections. This can lead to a toxic work environment, where people feel undervalued and unappreciated. Some people may argue that nepotism can be a positive thing, as it can create a sense of loyalty and trust among family members. Additionally, family members may have a deeper understanding of the company culture and values which can make them better suited for certain positions. Overall I think it is important to set boundaries and let people prove that they have what it takes without family connections.

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  • I agree with you. Your point of view touches on a very sensitive issue, which is nepotism, that dangerous disease that kills and destroys societies, breaks its bonds, and harms economic conditions in particular when there is favoritism, mediation, and nepotism in appointing individuals to positions they do not deserve, and these positions are sensitive. Any mistake in it destroys the state’s economy, for example, a director of a factory is appointed Foodstuffs in the public sector with nepotism. This manager falsifies the date of production, manipulates them and sells them to merchants as not expired. He has a share in this illegal business. He did not care about the health of his people or the economy of his country. Rather, his goal is to collect money. If we chose a suitable person to run this factory, there would be no problems. Or obstacles, because that was a simple example of nepotism and corruption. Every day we face and suffer from the results of nepotism, which is increasing little by little until it overwhelms values ​​and principles.

  • Favoritism for me is the basis of most problems, and the biggest example of this is when you put a teacher who cannot teach and succeeds through nepotism, but he cannot make his students understand anything, and he may give them wrong information, and this may corrupt the minds of young people and affect their behavior. In the community

  • I agree with you.
    Nepotism is a terrible thing.
    There is a lot of cheating and bullying and all the things that come out of nepotism as you know.
    But when there is no nepotism, everything will be fine.
    So I think we should fight corruption because of nepotism

  • How does nepotism affect the world?
    Favoritism is a kind of injustice that cannot be stopped and may affect the security of the state, or the arrival of an incapable person to an inappropriate place and does not deserve this position. A person must strive to achieve his goal without effort, so there is no taste for success. Some people strive day and night, but find This is useless, so they see those who have mediation pray very quickly, and this is how envy and hatred spread among people.

  • The love of the family is beautiful and providing assistance to them is much more beautiful, but the love of the family does not allow us to deal with nepotism because first of all it is illegal.
    Secondly, because it takes away the right of workers to work.
    Thirdly, because it differentiates between those who worked hard for long years and stayed up all night to work in the future, and those who did not stay up or get tired at all, so it gives them the job without diligence or diligence.
    So I see that it is very bad to deal with favoritism, and I think it is very good to punish those who deal with favoritism.