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I agree because we need to face challenges in order to achieve equality and fairness, and this... Breaking the Chains of Nepotism: Can Equality Prevail over Family Ties? 18/5/23
How does nepotism affect the world? Favoritism is a kind of injustice that cannot be stopped... How nepotism is affecting the world. 17/5/23
I agree with you. Your point of view touches on a very sensitive issue, which is nepotism, that... How nepotism is affecting the world. 17/5/23
It is really necessary that we meet all the requirements of a worthy employee however There are... Is it necessary or is there another way?? 16/5/23
I agree antd there is a point you mentioned that one of the reasons that harm the environmental... THE NEED FOR CLIMATE LAWS 16/5/23
Some people don't really understand the dangers of nepotism that can destroy the world, but if... What should be done? 16/5/23
I agree because...when the right person is in the right place, whether he is a king or an... - "The Role of Property in Creating a Just and Equitable Society" 16/5/23
I agree because...Let us start with ourselves first, because change and the conviction of the... Equality 12/5/23
The nature of human beings is quick to be affected and influence each other. Favoritism is a... What should be done? 12/5/23
Hey Ben, really, your presence in this project contributed to widening the circle of my thoughts... Ben answers your questions! 12/5/23
The skill that I will focus on is speaking to others through writing, as it allows me to know... STEP THREE: make your Standpoints 11/5/23
I thank you for your kind visit. We need someone who understands our point of view. We do not... Equality 10/5/23
I thank you for your kind visit. We need someone who understands our point of view. We do not... Equality 10/5/23
I got 6 points, this does not mean that I have failed, but it gave me an incentive and... Test your knowledge 10/5/23
My realistic story talks about Fatima, ten years old. She is the daughter of the Arabic language... Nepo-babies in the news 09/5/23
After listening to your topic, I was curious to stop a little about the effect of nepotism or... Suggest a discussion! 09/5/23
I wanted to enroll in a language academy to strengthen me by speaking English fluently, so I... Expert challenge: Earth Day 05/5/23
I agree with you that's important you respect other this is just a defference of opinion... Expert challenge: Earth Day 03/5/23
I agree , but one day not enough we must protect the environment on any day and planting... Is one day enough? 28/4/23
Yes, I think so. Today, there are 44 countries and a half billion people in the world under the... Are royals relevant? 25/4/23