Nepotism πŸ€‘



πŸ’₯ Today I would like to talk about nepotism...and we begin by defining it: preferring relatives or personal friends because of their kinship and not their competence.

πŸ’₯ As we know that the family is an integral part of every human being's life.... and we must preserve its boxes to remain a part of it forever..... but not in the wrong ways ❌

πŸ’₯ One of the most common ways of favoritism...

πŸ’₯ Favoritism, for example, at work is that someone who chooses the job is a relative or friend of mine... and that he makes me succeed, but I fail..... and this is wrong ❌

πŸ’₯ Frankly, I see that nepotism has spread very widely...... But I also see that it is similar to cheating for those who think about it logically..

πŸ’₯ Even nepotism can be widespread in schools, for example, the student has a relative in the school, and if he / she lacks a mark, he goes and amends it immediately, which leads to the spread of discord among the students, and the teacher who accepts the change is the one who is harmed....

πŸ’₯ In conclusion, we have to reduce nepotism, as it causes severe harm to those who do it...

πŸ’₯ I have a simple solution // It is possible for this relative to help me hard....and encourage me to be serious and diligent....


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  • I understand. What you said.... Favoritism is giving preference to a person over others, i.e. discrimination between people at work, institutions, or any place of work, but this causes the spread of complete corruption in society, as it is a very negative thing that leads to a lack of confidence in oneself and in the work that is done and leads to Great hatred at work, etc.... So I think that nepotism and nepotism must be eliminated and whoever does it must be reduced because it is destructive to the individual and society, and the government must set laws regarding those who work on nepotism and punish them....

  • We all have the right to equal opportunities, and that the choice be made fairly and according to merit, but nepotism does the opposite of that by giving specific people more opportunities, because one of his relatives is a person who has prestige, power, or influence, and this matter is not fair, and because the first text is available In rights treaties, therefore, those who do favoritism and those who accept it must be legally punished. I agree with your suggestion that instead of nepotism, he should teach me how to be persistent and serious, and I also suggest that if he is my relative and really loves me, maybe he should introduce me to the nature of the job I am applying for, train me in the entrance exam pattern, and teach me the basics that I will need in the interview.

    1. Hi....thank you very much
      ⏩ And I agree with you... I also believe that nepotism and whoever does it should be punished in various ways... and methods.
      ⏩And as we have seen, nepotism has spread widely....and this is what we must try to limit...
      ⏩ Also, nepotism is sometimes very bad because it is possible to hire unsuccessful people, leave professionals and fire them....
      ⏩ And I also have a suggestion // An attempt to make the arbitrator for a work that has to take into account other than his relative...
      πŸ™ƒ Goodbye πŸ™ƒ

  • You have said that we have to reduce nepotism, as it causes severe harm to those who do it...but is it so can you explain??

    1. Hi....thank youπŸ‘‹β€
      One of the drawbacks and dangers of nepotism is that it may employ uneducated and ignorant people, leaving the educated.
      πŸ’₯ Ignorance spreads in society
      πŸ’₯ So we have to limit it...
      πŸ”²End....thank you very much
      Goodbye to meet soon...

  • Hello grateful_clam! Nepotism is indeed a topic that needs to be addressed. It is important to recognize that favoring relatives or friends solely based on their kinship, rather than their competence, is unfair and can have negative consequences.

    Favoritism, especially in the workplace, can lead to a lack of meritocracy and hinder the growth and development of deserving individuals. It creates an environment where success is based on connections rather than skills and qualifications. This undermines the principles of fairness and equal opportunities.

    Similarly, nepotism in educational institutions can lead to discord among students and unfair advantages for those with connections. It can create an environment of inequality and hinder the overall learning experience.

    I think, to combat nepotism, it is essential to promote a culture of meritocracy and equal opportunities. Individuals should be recognized and rewarded based on their abilities and achievements, rather than personal relationships. Fair and transparent processes should be established in hiring, promotions, and other decision-making processes.

    Instead of relying on nepotism, it is crucial for relatives to support and encourage personal growth and development through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. This way, individuals can achieve success based on their own merits and efforts, ensuring a fair and inclusive society.

    You've written a very good standpoint. Thank you and goodbye!