Why we should get rid of the royal family

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Many believe that the monarchy is an ancient and outdated system. In the UK there is still a monarchy with many "working royals", however the monarch does not control the country.

The coronation was undoubtably expensive indeed. Surely this isnt goood enough? People are in a living crisis and the monarchy is earning around £100,000,000 every year from our taxes! We can barely afford food and the royal family are taking money off us to live a life of luxury including many properties, designer clothes, expensive jewellery and a life style many of us can only dream of.

The royal family conquered 1/3 of the worlds land when they were in power, however they did nothing for the people of those lands and took all their natrual resources such as gold,diamonds and fossil fuels. Although many lands tried to fight for independance such as South Africa in the Boer War, they were out weaponed and countries like Zimbabwe was left in ruins.

The family do not impact on the country's values and laws. The only people who decide what happens to the country is the Government and Parliment. If we didnt have the Government or Parliment then the royal family would've been very important. Even though the royal family donates to charities and try to "give back", that money comes from our taxes again. In my opinion we should let the royal family live how we live and we should use the money from taxes and ut them into charities and fundraisers elsewell as salary increases.

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  • I love your opinions and how you have developed each and every one of them. We should not be pawns in the parliament's s plans for the future whilst the Royals are always requested at meetings of what laws should be instituted. We should not be puppets under the rule of one puppeteer. We should not be considered worthless because we just do not have the power in society to show our true value. Most only have one window of opportunity, one chance to seize it, one better future to follow. The Royal Family, however, mostly the children, are gifted with opportunities, frankly too many opportunities. At the same time, I can almost feel sorry for them as they are constantly bombarded with things too choose from: this is known as "choice overload, also known as overchoice, choice paralysis or the paradox of choice. You have made me change my opinion about one aspect of monarchy in particular: power. Commonwealth countries are deemed to be a unity of 54 countries. But how really did it get to that stage? With long thought, I realised India, the largest estate of the Commonwealth, with nearly 60% of the population of the association, is the fourth largest contributor to the Commonwealth budgets and programmes. India is a very independent country so why would they want to join the Commonwealth? The koh-i-noor was stolen from India and placed at the centre of the crown of Queen Elizabeth, where it was never given back to its rightful owner. On top of this, multiple priceless pieces from India were given to queen Victoria including a gold girdle and 19 emeralds which Charles displayed on his seventieth birthday. India is known as a poor country in some parts and these remnants of history were purloined. They became part of the Commonwealth in desperate need of assistance not because they wanted to. So, next time we see the monarchy greeting us, we should remember, this game is all about power and, sadly, it always will be.