Metaverse : how is it beneficial?

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Is Metaverse marvelous, Is metaverse dangerous, Is metaverse addictive ,Is metaverse productive as such questions raised when I first time heard about Met averse, I was really excites ! to learn about if , I searched the answers in the topical talk festival and also in our meetings held by our school management! So from my eagle view eye I noticed that metaverse is marvelous for the people who are interested in virtual reality and here I wanna implement that Metaverse is like a parallel universe so if we are growing in our reality it is gonna afford us in our reality and there is a huge difference between reality and virtual reality ,Reality is where we live our real life or bona fide life but virtual reality is the life we are dreaming to live or working to make it real and want it to exist in our real life amd we are back to our discussing point ,now when people who are not aware of Metaverse enter into Metaverse technology , they can face many problems like cyber crime ,cyber bullying, hacking etc so my idea is to increase the people's privacy but the option must be created by the creators of Met averse and access should be given to the common people, so when implement such kind privacy policies ,like posting their pictures public or private the access should be given to them ,should they have a public account or a private account ,who ough to view their personal informations and stuffs etc when we implement these kind of acts or when this kind of acts are given to the normal people they can also analyse the technology of Metaverse, so when creators afford the access to the privacy of the people and manage them without disturbing their own private space ! they can get a successful outcome of the website and Metaverse also has the space for trading ,investing etc so when every individual invest or trade using the Metaverse ,it can also can grow and the economy of developing countries also can grow ,this can give welfare for both the producer and consumers as such this can be fortunate to the Creators and the public .Metaverse is an online platform so people who spend 24/7 on investing and trading it may affect their reality ,there are very large difference between Reality and Virtual Reality that is there are more difference than what I explained and Metaverse is really a productively technology! because when people invest or trade using the Metaverse technology , it is really going to develop their civilization and also their networth. So we ough to implement as such projects in developing countries and also all over the world so each and every country can develop and can compete with other countries. So when we use the Virtual Reality productively it can benefit us in many ways and there should be business acumen between the creators and the public so it can also help in the development of common ,poor and illiterate people .So finally Metaverse is really a great idea to implement world wide and it can also benefit the common people .

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  • I believe that the metaverse is a useful/ amazing thing. It creates an opportunity for people who may not be able to go outside or interact well with other people in real life.
    For example:
    Mutism ->defined as: an absence of speech while conserving or maintaining the ability to hear the speech of
    others. Using the metaverse they can use the chats to communicate with other people if they want to.
    Agrophobia ->This is the fear of leaving the environment they know or the place where they feel safe. People with
    this phobia are not able to leave their homes. The metaverse can help with this, while in the safety
    of their own home agrophobic people can experience what the real world is like or talks with new
    SCID -> SCID is also known as "Bubble Boy Disease", the children that have this disease means that they couldn't
    produce an immune system. Without an immune system the children are not able to defend themselves
    against bacteria and viruses. After the equipment that allows the child to enter the metaverse is sanitised,
    the child is able to interact with people and the world around them without worrying for their safety.
    The metaverse can be dangerous for numerous reasons such as: crimes, hacking and cyberbullying but it is great because it allows people who may not be able to leave their house the opportunity to.
    Thank You For reading! :)

  • In my opinion the metaverse in certain situations would not be helpful because, if you are in a situation where you have your headset earbuds in, and someone tries to rob you, you would still have your earbuds in and wouldn't be able to here the commotion. If you were in this situation what would you do, I have also heard that some hospitals use vr headsets for surgery, which In my opinion that would not be safe because of the possibilities of the vr cord being pulled, shut down or breaks. This is why i do not think using vr is beneficial.

  • I believe that it is beneficial because if you are unsure of things, you can try it out in the virtual world, the Metaverse. This is beneficial because if you are unsure when picking a job, you can try out if that job is a good fit for you and, if not, you can try out other jobs. The metaverse can also be not beneficial because if someone hacks into your headset, and it shows a scary picture on the screen, you may not want to go to the metaverse again and it could scare you. Overall, I think that the metaverse is very beneficial and should be used in the future.

    1. I'm not sure about this because on the metaverse what matters most and what can have the biggest impact on your life is digital safety. Many users online can be sending inappropriate images and threatening information. This is signified as a criminal offense. A multitude of new laws are being established in the UK and some significant apps such as WhatsApp state that they cannot adhere to such strict codes and in a few months, it is deemed to be removed from the UK. Some people believe WhatsApp is unnecessary and is a futile way to interact with others; others believe it is beneficial for being safe and can immediately contact one if in danger. Many children are misusing false information to impersonate another person with a different age. WhatsApp is specifically used for 16 above and other popular apps such as Tiktok, Snapchat or Facebook have a minimum usage of 13 plus. But people are still using these apps regardless of their age and even parents approve of this. But why is this so? So what do you think: should we have too many laws regarding online safety or too little?

  • I believe that the metaverse is amazing although I do believe it could be dangerous. There could be many great possibilities about the metaverse such as it being a great resource for when there is another quarantine by making us able to speak to friends and family. You could also be able to explore a number of places and have so much fun. But there is a chance it could be dangerous in some ways. It is a possibility that the metaverse could be addictive which could be very bad. This could be very unhealthy for the user and it may be too addictive that the user will forget to eat/drink. There is also another thing about security although they may ensure you that you will be safe and no one can access your data but is it? Anyone could do anything anyone could try and find a way to find YOUR personal details. Would you want this? but the last thing is that it is way too expensive.