Metaverse: Is Fiction Helping Reality or Not

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Metaverse as we all know isn't real, it is a realm made by humans. Avatars of ourselves, move freely from one experience to another, taking our identities and our money with us. The metaverse isn't real but it impact on reality in so many ways

The metaverse has been said to help reality in so many ways like

Metaverse makes things more accessible than before. In entertainment, for example, an unlimited number of fans will be able to attend events in the metaverse rather than a select few who can get tickets.

In education too, access can be improved by metaverse solutions. Like those unable to attend university due to geographical reasons could suddenly gain access to institutions around the world and the quality of teaching could also be improved in the process.

But everything with an advantage has a disadvantage. Others say the metaverse has not completely solved these problems. For example it still has the issue of limiting participation for some who have a simulator sickness which is a form of motion sickness that users can suffer during immersive experiences.

Equipment are also very costly. Individuals will have to buy the technology that's needed to participate, such as VR headsets which people have said to be expensive.

The metaverse has been said to help but are its disadvantages its downfall? Can people really overlook these disadvantages due to its advantages?

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  • No matter how good something is, being addicted to it is never good. The realm of the metaverse expands peoples horizon and outlook on life as they are able to do things that they normally cannot do in the real world. People may even choose to use the metaverse as a way of escaping sadness as they could enter their own make believe world where everything is perfect, but is it possible that some may not want to come back to reality? Some people might lose their relationship with the real world and become addicted to the metaverse because they think they have found a way to solve their problems but it only serves as a means of temporary escape. They have to come back to reality sooner or later. Being connected to the metaverse for too long can prove to be very unhealthy in many ways. I would strongly suggest that people, no matter how much they love it, should not spend their entire time on the metaverse.

  • No people cannot overlook its advantage due to its disadvantage because the fact something is good does not mean that the bad part of it shouldn't be considered. The metaverse is very good it is advanced in technology but it is also a platform where people are being bullied imagine if we overlook the fact that people can be bullied through it and we just focus mainly on the fact that it is advanced in technology it won't be good if we as humans don't know the disadvantage of whatever we do knowing the disadvantage helps us to consider the possible outcomes of our actions.

  • The metaverse is not helping reality. If people get addicted or obsessed over fiction, it wont end well. For one, the metaverse is very expensive, so, not everyone can afford it. Lets say, someone saved enough money to buy something metaverse related, if they get addicted to it, they'll end up spending more than they can afford. Or, what if someone gets so addicted to it, they never leave the house. This is very unlikely to happen, but this still can be a possibility. The metaverse is getting more and more realistic every year, which might seem like a good thing, but it can give people false views of the world. If there's a lot of disadvantages most people will forget about the advantages, however, the people who "created" the metaverse will try to talk more about the advantages instead of the disadvantage in order to make money. I might be over exaggerating a bit, but this is what i think will happen if people get overly addicted to this newer technology.

  • Okey... There are people who don't have enough money to buy Metaverse equipment but I don't think they will overlook it...

    Because people seek to discover everything new, especially if it comes to the modern era...
    Perhaps they borrow their things from someone else...
    And my answer is// Most people will completely overlook the faults and proof of that./

    Mobile / It is true that it helps us in communication, play and entertainment, but its damages are many...

    1- It is harmful to the eyes.

    2- Take away minds through bad programs.

    3- It diminishes our good morals because of deviant soap operas.

    But people completely overlooked these shortcomings.
    It is certain that people will over look Metaverse as long as they pursue their dreams...they design whatever they want...serious learning opportunities...
    But my question
    (Is it possible to prevent some people from entering Metaverse?!
    What about the criminal prisoners, will allow the enter to Metaverse ?! What do you think)

  • There are advantages to the metaverse, but there are disadvatages to it too like your personal information could be leaked for people to steal or you could be doxed and your address could be out there and you couldn't delete it because the internet is everlasting meaning it says on there forever. The metaverse itself could be susceptible to viruses, gliches, and could crash at random if the hard disk has bad sectors.

  • No, people shouldn't overlook the disadvantages to focus on the advantages, everything has a downside and should be considered with the positives of said thing. However, people should look at the metaverse with a more judgemental eye. The metaverse is created by the same person who made facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has been under scrutiny again and again for data breaches and selling personal information. If the metaverse wasn't bad enough under the control of one of the worst companies, it sucks. The concept of the metaverse was hyped up to be better than it was,it was disappointing and they're better options for cheaper or even being free. Alongside that most people have a dependency on the internet already, advancing it even further may lead to worse events that already happen with the internet we have. I'm not saying it's the worst thing in the world, I'm saying it's far from the best.

  • I think that we should stop the metaverse right now because no offense, but most people in the world right now are overweight and how would the metaverse help us prevent that. Because look, I'm not fat shaming or anything but it's very unhealthy for you and you can't just go to the gym in your little metaverse world.
    Also why would you want to visit places through a VR HEADSET if you can literally go to the outside world and see it there. You people need to get a grip.