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I think metaverse will be of great importance and should be the realm to rule.

I think metaverse will be of great importance and should be the realm to rule.ing centers, internet cafes, casinos,etc.I also think that it will help people wo are lonely to feel comforted and it will prove world development.The technology companies will make more money for themselves. And people mostly destructive teens will find something to do other than wasting their free time disturbing people.And I have to admit that liked this topic way too much.

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  • Well, about teenagers, it is true that they will find what they do on Metaverse, but I wonder if it will be useful for them, for example, will they gain experiences or will they learn bad habits? Well, I will answer in adolescence, a person must acquire experiences, develop skills, and get to know the world extensively, so he must occupy his free time in developing his skills and practicing useful hobbies and sports because he is also responsible for his body and health. There are lessons to teach skills for free, books for free, and there will be videos explaining how to make better use of free time, but also on Metaverse there are bad people who steal teenagers’ information, and since they are teenagers, it will be easy to deceive them because they are still young and they will know people who lead them to the wrong path and They will receive bad comments such as bullying, so there must be supervision from parents to ensure that their children are okay