Will the metaverse make or break the future?

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The metaverse is a door to an infinite number of wonders but it can also be dangerous. The metaverse will affect the vast quantities of this generation, from the world's most important problems, discussed with the world's brightest minds from across the world, all in one room with virtual reality, to scientific tests done in hyper realistic environments with infallibly coded physics. We are living in the generation that will bear the brunt of this and so we need to discuss the dangers and the wonders, the corruption and the improvements and the hazards and changes the metaverse offers us.

The metaverse will affect everyone, positively or negatively the world will feel its roots dig into the soil of modern society. As the population moves into the metaverse and hosts more of its most important events online, people who don’t have access to the internet will be unable, or even forbidden, to attend these events. This could lead to prejudice and discrimination for those less fortunate than us. On the other hand those of us who do not participate in important events online, but just wish to experience something other than the stagnant normality of the ordinary life with virtual reality games may experience toxicity or cyberbullying by people who feel that they can do what they want behind their virtual reality headset. Also there is the issue of cult. Communists or cults can gather in these servers, influencing others to join their cause regardless of how it may impact their lives and scheme on how to next spin their web into the wider world.

I think that if we are to embrace a world where we can experience a virtual reality that is on par with that of real life then we will need structure. A suggestion of mine would be having multiple servers that are all run by different teams. These servers can be manually edited, shut down or brung back up by the teams. This would stop cults from forming in the metaverse as one of the teams would quickly notice their wrong doings and bring the server down. This equally can work with viruses as when a server is starting to malfunction, it can be brought down, manually restored to its original state and rebooted. This could create a safe space for young users of the metaverse and perhaps offer options to rent a private server.

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  • I really admire you way of thinking of the future and this is an interesting question because no one really know the future but from the looks of things the metaverse may be or is going to be the next big thing this is because many people are putting too much effort on the metaverse for example "Facebook has just announced its going to hire 10,000 people in Europe to develop the metaverse" and from my point of view the metaverse is going to do both

    It is going to make the world because as the metaverse come new technologies come to make the world easier and more comfortable and however we see it the metaverse is come to stay and ideas will keep coming. So, in the next 10years the world will be technologically based as we can see it starting to happen.

    This is because:
    1. The morals and values that children learn from home most children won't have them because they will always be on their gadgets.
    2. Humans will become extremely lazy because the machines and robots will be doing everything for humans which isn't right because our body will burn fewer calories. This makes you more likely to gain weight. You may lose muscle strength and endurance, because you are not using your muscles as much. Your bones may get weaker and lose some mineral content. Your metabolism may be affected.

    So, in conclusion the metaverse will both make or break depending on how you use it.