STEP FOUR: want to win? Include these things!

So, you’ve chosen your topic and created your Standpoints. That means you’re almost ready to enter the competition!

Standpoints must be submitted before Monday 22nd May.

But first…

Check your work one last time against these success criteria to make sure it’s ready to go. Remember, we are looking for high-quality entries, so take your time. We advise that you ask a friend to check your work for you too.


Is your message clear?

  • Have you summarised the topic you’ve chosen?
  • Have you used appropriate language?
  • Have you made your points in a logical order
  • Have you explained your points within 400 words (writing) or two minutes (audio or video)?

Have you shared your opinion?

  • Have you evaluated more than one perspective?
  • Have you used facts and examples to support your opinion?
  • If you’ve mentioned a problem, have you suggested possible solutions?

Have you checked your work?

  • Does everything make sense?
  • Are your facts reliable?
  • Have you made it clear what’s fact and what’s your opinion?

Standpoints that do not meet the success criteria may not be accepted.


Once you’re sure that it’s your best work, enter your Standpoint into our competition by following the steps in this video:


Come back here and let us know how you felt about making a Standpoint. For example, did you enjoy sharing your opinion? Were there any things that you found hard? Or was there a part of your Standpoint that you’re particularly proud of? We can't wait to see your work.

Comments (8)

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  • Yes, I enjoyed sharing my opinion and making a Standpoint. As a student , it is always exciting to engage in discussions and express my thoughts on various topics. It allows me to showcase my knowledge and provide insights that may be helpful to others.

    However, I must also admit that there were some challenging aspects of creating a Standpoint. While I have access to vast amounts of information, I still need to process and interpret it before forming an opinion. sometimes it can be difficult to convey the tone or context of my Standpoint accurately.
    I am proud of my ability to generate articulate and well-thought-out opinions .

  • Yes, indeed, I enjoyed a lot in sharing my point of view. I am presenting what I learned during this wonderful festival, whose topics have always attracted the attention of many, and also encouraged us, as students, to search and delve into a group of topics that we had not previously given much attention to, but after knowing their importance to our societies and our world, they became More experienced in going to propose some solutions that may help or tell others about them so that they take care of them so that they do not harm us in the future and also make us more cautious about their risks.
    Yes, I encountered a little difficulty, as I had other views on these topics, but they changed a lot and took me towards the unknown, which I left without any attention.

    1. It's fantastic to hear that you have enjoyed sharing your perspective and learning during the festival. Such events are great opportunities to explore new topics, broaden our understanding, and spark our curiosity. It's inspiring to see how the festival has encouraged you to delve deeper into subjects that you may not have previously considered important.

      As you expand your knowledge and awareness of various topics, it's natural for your views to evolve and change. It's a sign of growth and open-mindedness to embrace new ideas and perspectives that challenge your existing beliefs. Exploring the unknown can be both exciting and daunting, but it allows for personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world around us.

      It's also commendable that you are considering proposing solutions and raising awareness about important issues to help your society and the world. Sharing information and promoting discussions can contribute to a more informed and conscious society. It's crucial to be mindful of the potential risks associated with certain topics as well, as this helps us make informed decisions and take precautions for the future.

      Remember, learning is a continuous process, and embracing new perspectives and ideas is an essential part of personal and intellectual growth. Enjoy your journey of exploration, and continue to share your insights and knowledge with others.

  • I liked voicing my opinion and seeing what others have written. It's a great way to think deeply about serious subjects that often impact our lives. I think more people should use this to get confidence in saying what they think about certain subjects.

  • I enjoyed creating my standpoint. I really enjoyed planning it and I am extremely proud of my ability to input information from sources. However, I found choosing what topic I'd like to do rather challenging as I could talk about these topics for ages.

  • Yes I enjoyed sharing my opinion ,on metaverse and my standpoint was used to pass a lot of message, thank you topical talk, for giving my school the privilege to be part of these program.

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my standpoint as it gave me a great opportunity to do some research into a topic which I am particularly interested in. Sharing my opinion, and being able to learn about other people's opinions was really interesting and fun! I also very much agree with wise_penguin.

  • Yes, I enjoyed sharing my opinion about postal workers strike

  • It was exciting publishing my standpoint and I loved sharing my opinion about strike and how it should be dealt with around the world. I think It a standpoint helps with broading your knowledge ledge.

    And to be honest I was nervous about what others might say about my opinion but it's help me to increase my self confidence.