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I liked voicing my opinion and seeing what others have written. It's a great way to think deeply... STEP FOUR: want to win? Include these things! 19/5/23
I believe the protesters shouldn't have done that, and I don't support them. But I personally,... Not for everyone? 12/5/23
I think strikes are not always the solution because if you're striking in the streets, the... Strikes are not always the solution 12/5/23
I think it's very important to learn about the news because people need to know what's going on... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 08/5/23
Yes, I like your comment, but other people might copy that person too. They won't see it as an... Expert challenge: The metaverse 08/5/23
I agree with the first statistic because social media has taken over teenagers' lives. They're... Teenagers and social media 07/5/23
I think people who are protesting about climate change aren't doing anything to help stop... Suggest a discussion 04/5/23
I think the King will change how Britain is today. I think he will change the rules and the law. Suggest a discussion! 04/5/23
I think the British Government needs to take action because if certain professions are striking,... Can everyone strike? 24/4/23