This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Strike is the refusal of some group of people to do work, maybe because of insufficient renumeration, poor working conditions,lack of quality facilities and the list goes on. But often at times, some people tend to take advantage of the right to strike and they go for negative strikes. By the way, in my own opinion negative strikes,are strikes carried out for an unresonable reason.So I have thought of some ideas that can be taken before striking is put into consideration.

1.The individuals involved should investigate and gather up relevent facts that requires the use of strike as a last resort.

2.The individuals should try laying a formal complaint to their employers about the need for their terms and conditions to be met.

3. There can be a peaceful protest, appealing for consideration to their conditons.

4.If the employer still remains reluctant they can set a strike date and inform the employers of the date.

5. Finally the strike should be done within a limited amount of days to avert the loss of to many lives

NOTE: The employees can also threaten and even sue the employer along the way if need be.