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Yes I think we can, helping someone is giving aid to someone, while nepotism is depriving... Nepotism a natural tendency 21/5/23
I know that idea three will have the biggest impact on nepotism? WHY? Because making the job... What should be done? 19/5/23
I disagree because, a strike is a legal right and why should someone be compelled to pay a fine... strike problem. 17/5/23
In my opinion nepotism is like a double edged sword. It affects people in both good and bad... HOW NEPOTISM AFFECTS PEOPLE 16/5/23
I agree totally with your comment because, ignorance does not only make us to be lazy and not to... Nepotism: Is it good or bad? 16/5/23
Thanks alot. You have a very educating standpoint. One major strike solution that is taking... Strike solutions 16/5/23
I agree totally and your standpoint has inspired me and has taught me alot of lessons on... Equality 14/5/23
If I was the one with power, I will treat everyone equally, because if I consider my relation... Nepotism poll results! 12/5/23
Thanks alot for your educating comment. I would also like to explain the effects of workers... Strikes ....🗣 11/5/23
If I have the power, I would treat my family equally with others. WHY? Because I will not know... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
I duly respect your comment and I see where you are coming from and your point of view and I... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
Where does nepotism start? Well in my opinion nepotism in the above steps starts at step 8? Why?... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
I agree totally with your comment humorous pesonality. Some people take advantage of the right... Are strikes the only resort 06/5/23
I think that strikes should be the last resort when all possible curbing methods have been met.... Are strikes the only resort 06/5/23
I feel, if they get better pay and working conditions they will feel wanted and also accepted in... Can everyone strike? 06/5/23
I duly respect your comment, but have you considered the side effects strike will have to... strike concept . 06/5/23
I think that the working conditions should be safe and sound for workers in order to make the... Working conditions 04/5/23
I am glad you are having a good time asking questions and giving your opinion about the topic.... Student suggestion 04/5/23
I agree with your comment totally, you have made a very great point and I admire your talent in... Join a discussion! 04/5/23
In my opinion, I think that is a good thing that AI can produce art WHY? Because, I am... Thinking questions 03/5/23