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The main reason why strikes begin in the first place is because the workers are not satisfied. Normally this is the fault of the employer failing to meet their needs. Could it be possible that the workers might seek to overthrow their employer?

Most of the time when the people of a particular place find their leadership unsatisfactory, they might choose to overthrow it and do what they see fit instead. Should workers have complete control of their workplace, afterall they are the ones who do all of the work. I do not think so. The workers may be uncomfortable, but they should still be calm. There should be a process for going on strike. Workers taking over their workplace should not even be an option. Leadership has a lot of importance such as providing guidiance, motivation, coordination and most importantly helping them to achieve their goals. Their employer is their leader and no matter what they should learn to live in harmony for the sake of the business. I mean no one would like to work with a company where the workers and employers are at war.

Workers might want to get more rights for themselves in the workplace. Maybe some of them may even suggest being in control of their contract, meaning they couild change or breach it any time they like. This will be a disadvantage for the employer. Yes workers deserve their rights but giving them full control could tear down the business.

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  • Workers should not be in control. Striking is a good way to fight for your rights but complete control is not an option. Though they do all the work they are employed by the employer who has the ability to sack them when he pleases. If workers should be in complete control business will not run because there will be disruption of power. Workers will also choose when to work and when not to work. Employees need to be controlled. Employee control helps ensure employees that if they experience a problem with production, resources or budget, a manager also knows about the problem and can help address the issue quickly. Since all organizations have to depend on humans for functioning, they need to regulate human behaviour of their employees. Controlling prevents employees from behaving badly. Employees need to be controlled in order to Instills discipline and order. When the employer is in control, it motivates employees and boosts their morale. When the employer is in control, it ensures future planning by revising standards and improves overall organizational performance. If workers were in control none of these things will be possible.

  • First off....hi 👋
    💫 Your opinion and topic is great, but although it is wrong for a company or work area to have a war between the employer and the workers...
    💫 As I see when a boss or business owner is must pay close attention to his specifications...
    💫And if the rulers want to know the characteristics of the person, they should pay attention to the way he speaks...if he speaks in a decent manner and picks his words correctly....and some of his friends ask about him...and thus hire him so that the companies do not get ruined.💥
    💫 And when the workers see that the employer gives them their rights and answers their demands.. they do not think about striking at all.
    💫 This method, as I see it, is the most suitable for hiring any worker or boss... to keep companies together..🙃
    And that's just what I see as true✔😁
    Goodbye 👋
    And your opinion is great❤