The strike between the government and the demands


A strike is a group of people who abstain from work for the sake of demands and rights that they want to provide, such as (increase in wages, and improvement of working conditions). But the strike, according to me, is a double-edged sword. It has answers as well as damages.

One of these positives is achieving the goals that the layman wants, putting pressure on the official to provide him with what He wants it and it is possible to provide it, but the negative side and also the worst is that it harms society, like what happened in my country, Palestine.

Teachers were on strike for about four months or more, and there was a delay in the educational process, and now the Ministry of Education is unable to solve this problem, and in my opinion, it was supposed to complete the educational process. Through Zoom screens or social networking sites, because education is a kind of progress, and this does not cause progress, but rather paralysis.

Also, the teachers' strike represents a burden on the students because they are the future. Also, if the emergency workers strike, the number of injuries and deaths may increase, and the situation will become more dangerous in the health field. We should not forget that the strike expresses freedom of opinion. We also have to remember that the workers expose themselves to dangers for us, like firefighters. They save people from death. It will happen if these people go on strike, so the officials must provide good working conditions such as supporting their work, providing a reward for supporting him with words that work for his enlightenment and persistence and not cutting his salary because behind this employee there are children who want food and want sweets, so if the official does not respond, the employee must form a union to claim his rights

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  • Hello... Regarding your topic, it's great, but there is one point that confused me! It is not good for us to hold meetings on Zoom or e-learning, because two years ago they did e-learning due to Covid-19 disease, but the level of students declined after this education, and from here the mobile campaign began in our hands. I think that e-learning or Zoom meetings are not good at all... My suggestion is that the government provides all necessary for employees (a safe environment, working specific hours, and giving adequate wages) so that no one is forced to go on strike, which results in negative effects on society... Thanks

  • I agree, as strikes can cause multiple societal and safety issues in our world, but in the long run, it helps the average person live a better, more livable life.