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You are so right... My teacher was an example for me to follow. My teacher is the best thing... Artificial intelligence 25/5/23
Talking to students was the best... Because I have achieved many responses to students from... The Festival is coming to an end… 25/5/23
Today..for the first time...I stand so amazed.. I loved everything about your topic..your... Artificial intelligence 25/5/23
I think that the subject of (electronic warfare) is an important and interesting topic... This... Competition #7 Topical Talk in your classrooms 24/5/23
Hello... I agree with you, but what about the AI? It was a wonderful and beautiful topic, and... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 19/5/23
I do not agree .. I am sure that for the first time the students will experience the... Metaverse poll results! 17/5/23
Hello.. (What skills or do you think you need to be able to negotiate and talk at work?!) 1-... Expert challenge: strikes 17/5/23
I agree with you .. I think I have a solution to this problem: "Artificial intelligence: a... AI poll results! 17/5/23
Strike is good and bad... But for me, I am against the strike because it causes delays in all... Strikes changed the world 16/5/23
A partial strike is the failure of employees to work more than the minimum required by the rules... Strikes poll results! 16/5/23
I disagree with you.. (Metaverse) It does not greatly affect health .. Because according to... Competition #6 Expert learning 16/5/23
I'm really looking forward to creating a character and entering the world of the Metaverse where... Metaverse poll results! 16/5/23
I think what you said is true..Maybe we give up things we love to find the best in the... Earth Day poll results! 15/5/23
I do not deny the virtue of family and friends, we love them and we are happy when we help them.... Nepotism poll results! 12/5/23
I disagree with you.. There is nothing wrong with Step 6. There is only the truth: whoever... Where does nepotism start? 12/5/23
1-{What are you going to design, use your creative skills}... I would like to design a... Expert challenge: The metaverse 12/5/23
Workers in the United Kingdom struck at this busy time to meet their demands quickly by the... Which situation is best? 11/5/23
Welcome.. I think if a person has an alias in the Metaverse or is anonymous, their behavior is... Managing behaviour 11/5/23
Your point of view inspired me... And your comment too.. I know a user can spend at least 2... Currency in the metaverse: banking on brilliance or ballooning on bankruptcy? 11/5/23
A strike is like a weapon, if you do not use it well, you will kill others. The Beginning:... "Perspectives on Strikes: What's Your Stance?" 11/5/23