This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

What is ai? Ai is artificial intelligence which is getting more and more intelligent over the years ai is getting so advanced that ai know everything about you ,your family your friends everyone you know.

ai can have some good things about it self the skills and algorithms to process and make conclusions from big data in very less time ,ai has the ability to quickie grasp and extract relevant data,which might be needed for analysing,it can also further process this data though interporelialion and transformation.

Ai has some negatives,some of the negatives are,that if ai gets to advanced it will make all humans unemployed and take over the humans jobs and because of that it will make humans lazy and fat and make humans emotionless and a lot of climate change will happen.

in my opinion ai is good and sometimes it's bad the good thing about it lets me do my homework and a bunch of other things online,the bad is that ai is getting more advanced and can watch every movement you make.