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peaceful_seahorse I would say it can create the same quality of post like mine since it can type. I'm not sure but... AI technology 22/3/24
articulate_significance They should care because it's our planet that we live on,we need to have a safe and healthy planet. Businesses v the environment 21/3/24
humble_sheep I'm not sure about this because i don't think that all men think that they are better than women... Did you do the classroom lesson? 20/3/24
humble_sheep I agree because women are harassed by men and men think that they are better and that they... Women in media 19/3/24
intuitive_agency I think that AI is a curse and a blessing at the same time, it has both good sides and bad... Is AI a curse or a blessing? 19/3/24
spontaneous_poem I agree because many many businesses have big decisions to make when supporting or staying with... Business and Politics: countries at war 19/3/24
resourceful_atmosphere i agree a business could suffer from it but always good to stay and provide goods and services Business and Politics: countries at war 19/3/24
humble_sheep In my opinion, Ai may take over people's jobs and for me that is not ok. I think that AI may... AI and Robots!! 19/3/24
articulate_significance I pick option A. This is because all businesses should care and help the environment. Businesses v the environment 19/3/24
articulate_significance I think boycotts are helpful because when a business is being told by so many people that they... Are boycotts helpful? 19/3/24
intuitive_agency I agree because if you keep a child in a house too long, not socialising with anyone as in... How can AI change the world of jobs and education? 19/3/24
peaceful_seahorse The Festival topic i am most passionate about is AI: education and the future of work because it... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 14/3/24
hardworking_environment Eco-anxiety is a rational response to the current state of our world, but it is important that,... Competition #8 winners 12/3/24
cherished_fossil I think some people think that men only can do jobs or start a business and women are looking at... Who has the power to stop social bias? 12/3/24
outspoken_frog i think that they should band drugs/medicine in a competition because it could affect the... Drugs: Are They Just Medicines? Should They Be Consumed In Any Case? 12/3/24
talented_wolf There are many ways to cure eco anxiety. You could try to acknowledge your feelings, if these... The Cure to Eco-Anxiety 12/3/24
blithesome_deer Personally I'm not completely sure what the top priority is or should be but I think it is maybe... What’s the purpose of prisons? 12/3/24
serious_television personally as a male, i'd say that the pay gap should be the other way round and men get less... Gender inequality: have your say! 12/3/24
humble_sheep HI, i believe that it is really important for young people to learn about AI and how it changes... Competition #8 winners 12/3/24
openminded_language I agree because if you get sentenced to however many years in prison, you want it to be clean,... Cleanliness or hygiene's of prisons 12/3/24