This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

As my topic I have chosen artificial intelligence because it is such a significant and concerning issue that could affect, alter and shape our future. As its most simple explanation, A .I is software that copies and imitates human characteristics; planning, thinking like humans, showing common emotions, recognising and understanding thinking patterns, performing human-like tasks and a huge variety of many more things to help us. Multiple people across the world are apprehensive about if there are any potential dangers we should be aware of linking to A.I, could it take over the whole of human existence. There area great quantity of other worries but one that is happening without some of us even realising is the increasing rate of job loss. Since last May it has been recorded that over 4,600 people havebeen cut from their job so that A.I could subsitute human beings jobs such as customer service, bankersand accountants, factory workers research analysts, traders, computer programmers, data trackers, graphic designers, proofreaders, telephone operators and a large number of other jobs. Another concern about A.I is data exploitation and privacy breaches, people on the online world using A.I are wondering where their their information they feed into ends up and who does it end up with also how may it be used. The data we share is stored in systems the worry may be who has access to our personal information. An advantage of having A.I in our modern community is that it can correct frequent human mistakes in peices of writing. If used correctly A.I could advance our brain power and cognitive attributes towards academic studies, similar to how machienary was built to improve our physical aspects, artificial intelegance can be used to push our brains to its limits. As machienary was such a revolutionary discovery for man kind we should use it as far as it can take us A.I has already changed our lives to a large extent. It has sped up the process of hard work, scaled human labour, enhanced healthcare and the wellness of people around us and it is still continuing to make our lives easier. If the global population could come to an allience on the correct time, place subject of when to use A.I it could be so much more than what it is right now. If we as humans can ageree on how to use A.I all together we can optimise the way we live our lives.