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enchanted_location i agree with you and that point, as it dose come down to specific things , like where you live... Eco Anxiety: Is it the same for everyone? 19/3/24
humorous_leaves 12/12!!!!i loved the quiz it really tested wether i was listening and i am still suprised by a... The business and politics quiz 15/3/24
humorous_leaves I don’t think that international women’s day supports women in media as they focus on the sports... the women in the media 13/3/24
brave_wildcat I agree with option b because it is a massive and stressful role being the leader of 1.4 billion... How would you respond? 12/3/24
centered_honeyberry Hi ,I agree with you as whatever you do even if it is a good thing at least one person will... Your country in your hands! 11/3/24
amicable_clarinet I scored 12 out of 16 and this helped me reinforce my learning and understanding of Artificial... Test your knowledge 04/3/24
perceptive_concept I think that preventing and protecting are important but on one hand you have protecting the... Prevention or protection? 04/3/24
perceptive_concept I learnt that AI can be used in many ways good or bad. It can be used to complete tasks more... Test your knowledge 04/3/24
brave_wildcat Personally, I think that international women's day is great, but i also think there should be an... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 28/2/24
careful_trombone I've read this comment and disagree. I don't think that the crime rate will necessarily increase... Why are there rules about immigration? 28/2/24
careful_trombone I agree because... Without rules there may be overpopulation. This will impact the number of... Why are there rules about immigration? 28/2/24
brave_wildcat I agree with vivacious engine with the fact that Joe Biden's politics are fair, since America... Fair or unfair? 25/2/24
brave_wildcat I think all of these options are great because it offers prison guards a way to feel safer... Prison staff 25/2/24
adaptable_snow In the video, I think the part where the narrator said she didn’t fit in with a certain group so... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 23/2/24
clever_attitude I agree with quote A as I think that we have so many people talking about climate change yet... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 23/2/24
awesome_football Why are prisoners allowed to live like kings when they re meant to be punished for their... Suggest a discussion 22/2/24
centered_honeyberry Hi, I think the two most important things a prison should be are safe and then reformative, as... What’s the purpose of prisons? 12/2/24
centered_honeyberry Maybe it could be a tablet or a liquid like some forms of medicine. Will schools exist in future? 12/2/24
centered_honeyberry I your see point if you find something hard you probably feel more proud when you achieve... Will schools exist in future? 12/2/24
reasoning_flute Many people in my country think the environmental State looks more like A however this is not... Climate change in your country 06/2/24