AI replacing Humans

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My standpoint is about AI taking over human jobs. AI’s are getting “hired” to work at schools, restaurants, factories, and many other jobs will be taken over. In my opinion, AI’s being hired as teachers develops the student when learning. The AI has a better chance of teaching the students. The AI teacher doesn’t take as long to plan lessons, it also is able to teach the students individually based on their needs to learn. AI waiters will not need to take notes of what the person wants to order. Instead they have the order memorized. AI’s working in factories is a better job for them instead of a human. Factories can get dangerous if something goes wrong. The AI will not get hurt or die from the danger. On the other hand, humans could get severely hurt or die. This is why AI’s or robots are better for the job. In conclusion, AI’s are great tech for various jobs. My questions are; If AI takes more human jobs, how will people get money? WIll there still be jobs for them? If yes then what?

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  • At first, I disagree with you. You said that AI has a better chance of teaching the students. They will give the students a quick answer and help them individually. We have to remember that AI uses the knowledge that is given to their data. They can't give you an answer to a math question which is not valid into their data. They have to wait for their programmer to add that question into their data and so they could answer it. On the other hand, teachers have ideas about math questions . They can help to answer it. So, I think AI can't teach us better than teachers. Also, AI doesn’t have emotions or feelings. So, they can't teach us moral behaviour where teachers can teach us moral behaviour.

    In the future, AI will take more human jobs. But it doesn’t mean people will be job less.Throughout history we can see that technology has made new jobs that people never thought about. People can work in health care services as it needs empathy, emotion and social interaction. AI doesn't have these emotions.
    There are many other jobs that people can do :
    1. AI trainer
    2. Data analysts
    3. AI developer
    4. Virtual reality designer
    5. Cybersecurity experts
    6. Freelancer
    I also think that there might be more future jobs that we can't imagine.