AI standpoint

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


AI(artificial Intelligence) are computer systems capable of performing complex tasks that historically only a human could do, such as reasoning, making decisions, or solving problems.AI is important to me because it can change the world in good and bad ways in the future. While some people argue that AI has a lot of privacy concerns,it is very crucial to consider that it can minimise human error in work.In this standpoint,I will write about how AI will change the future and if it should be stopped or not.

AI has many advantages to our planet.One of the lots of advantages of AI is that they can perform simple tasks often better than humans .These Computer systems are available all day,meaning that they have time to do those jobs that they are asked to do by humans.Another positive of AI is that they save our time doing a lot of work because it would take us a long time to do,but AI will do it in seconds or minutes.Lastly,AI doesn't get tired or wear out because it is not a human and aren't real.It can work day and night forever but humans need sleep and rest after a long day of working.

One of the main negatives in AI is that there is no creativity or emotion in their work.They have no feelings and humans work like a team to make things right but AI does it all by themselves,with no creativity.Another negative is that AI is making adults unemployed meaning that there will be huge job losses around the world.This will lead to not getting paid enough to feed your family and and not enough money for other essentials.

In conclusion, i think that AI will remain a function of human daily lives and will affect us in the future.I believe that AI will take the jobs that we have now and there will be new ones.I an concerned for the people on our planet because ai will potentially make everyone lazy and not want to do anything.Ai is scary but very interesting at the same time.I think it is our responsibility to stop AI as soon as possible.