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Now a days on the news, there have been people becoming jobless and have been complaining due to AI robots taking over them. In my opinion, I feel like people should start to feel worried because AI has ruined people's lives by making them jobless causing them to: 1. Not be able to buy food for their families 2. If they travel to work or to drop their children off to school it would be hard to since petrol and diesel prices have risen it can sometimes cause people to lose their car. This has to stop now.


Firstly, I would like to point out about how AI can be helpful with jobs that many people can’t accomplish. For example: product designers and electrical engineers and in the war many countries have used drones, and other products for many things soldiers won’t want to do, as they send drones to spy on the enemies and even if they were to get caught [ the drones] it won’t fully affect the soldiers but if they were to send soldiers, it would become worse as if they were to get caught they could either be killed/be taken alive to be tortured to just get answers so in my opinion AI does actually have and opportunity on helping humans.


If AI were to be teachers they would only give the answer for a question and would give it to the children without telling them how they should solve it. With this problem when children have exams they would seriously struggle and get a bad score. If AI were to be surgeons it could go bad easily and I mean this by if there were to be lightening and there were some AI robots doing surgery on a human, and the power went out the human who was having surgery could of had passed cause 1. The oxygen motioner could have stopped working. 2. They could be on a high risk of dying as their body have either been cut open. 3. If you were to go to a hairdresser AI would not be able to get the right hairstyle as you would want it to be. So in my opinion I feel like AI can’t always be helpful.


In conclusion, I believe that people should be prepared for the future as it can now get scary due to AI robots. So I feel like AI Should have a pause so people can 1. Get their jobs back. 2. Be able to feed their love ones. 3. Be able to travel in any vehicle they would like to. And 4. So that people can pay if they were to have cars to pay for petrol and diesel around the world. And now I do hope that people will be able to be excited for the brand new future.

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  • 𝘼𝙄 : 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙪𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚
    Artificial intelligence or AI is referred to as the future . In my opinion AI has both advantages and disadvantages. For some people AI is not so beneficial because their jobs have been taken by AI. Till now 14% of the world's population has faced this issue. This can cause harm to the economy of the country which is not profitable. If in the future teachers will be replaced by AI bots there will be a harm to students as the AI bots will not understand the emotions of a student in the particular answer. There is also use of AI in cyber crime as people's personal information or photos are used to blackmail them.

    But you can also use it for your good as for some people AI has been a help for solving tough sums they can take help for sites to clear their doubts . Reports say that 94% of the victims of COVID-19 were cured with the help of AI. AI is used to improve cyber security in military settings . For some people AI is very important as their studies or a particular work .

    It's on you how you use AI. I prefer moderate use of AI in your life because if you will completely depend on AI your creativity will die because of which your decision making capabilities will be harmed. You should also stay safe from cybercrime don't share your personal data on any 3rd party websites, don't believe on scam phone calls etc .