Eco anxiety: Global efforts to save our world

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Hello guys, today I’m going to talk about what the world is trying to do to combat climate change. The world countries are exerting many efforts to to save our world since there is no planet B. The opening sentence in COP 27 conference held in Sharm Elsheikh ,Egypt on climate change was “Either we stop it, or it stops us.”

Why is climate change so dangerous?

In my opinion, climate change is the biggest problem now on Earth. Climate change is harming health because it is causing diseases. The bad weather conditions may cause forced displacements and increase hunger and cause poor nutrition. It also causes thirst so many people could die.

Here are some of the efforts of the world to confront that eco-anxiety

  • Recycling was put forward as one of the suggested solutions to keep our earth safe. Recycling refers to reusing materials instead of throwing them away. This includes recycling tin, glass, plastic and paper. Mass media is playing a crucial role in this.

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions was another solution that was put forward to face such a problem. For example, using public transportation will help reduce emitting such poisonous gases, or turning the vehicles to run on renewable energy instead of running on fossil fuels including electricity and solar energy.

  • Some people started to stop polluting the air by stopping spraying perfumes. Despite their popularity they are harmful because these products increase indoor air pollution and pose health risks.

  • Holding global conferences and events on this topic is another trial to face such a phenomenon. For example, the 27th COP which was held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt had had 197 countries helping to stop climate change. The major aim was to control climate change that has increased dramatically in the last three decades.