Standpoints by students of International Public School October 2 B | Egypt

Comments by students of International Public School October 2 B | Egypt

Student Comment Post Date
talented_signature The Festival expert I learned something important from was Selam Gebrekidan. I learned about the... Competition #10 winners 26/3/24
talented_signature First of all, people don't 'need' the Enhanced Games. They're merely luxuries that the rich and... The Enhanced Games: When the Creation Outpaces the Creator 25/3/24
talented_signature There is an old saying that says, 'War. War Never Changes.' The destructive capability of... AI: and the future of war 17/3/24
healthy_persimmon Hi topical talkers I scored 10l10. The most important question in my opinion from quiz is the... Show what you know 14/3/24
reliable_butterfly I agree ! I think that AI should help enhance the quality of this job since some countries are... AI: and the future of war 10/3/24
quirky_deer Hello I think that I agree with option c because sometimes bussineses may invest in something... Profits or the planet? 10/3/24
quirky_deer Hello talented chemistry I totally agree but why do you think it is important to learn... The Importance of Learning Coding at a Young Age 10/3/24
talented_signature Yes, I will want to be the leader of our country. First of all, I will make the borders stronger... Your country in your hands! 10/3/24
talented_signature Imagine that a woman is putting on makeup. She uses unconventional makeup that nobody else uses.... Who has the power? 08/3/24
cheerful_argument I believe that voters are the most democratic people, as democracy provides them with the choice... Who has the power? 08/3/24
quirky_deer Hello I think because of wars and companies helping the wrong/right side can affect a lot on... How might the news affect businesses? 08/3/24
quirky_deer Hello The skill that I will be closing is problem solving because mostly in this competition... Competition #7 winners 08/3/24
cheerful_argument I completely agree with point A. Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, not... Profits or the planet? 07/3/24
quirky_deer For me I believe that gender stereotypes are getting better over time for example according to... Stereotypes 06/3/24
cheerful_argument I believe that candidates must be responsible for defining their electoral programs in order to... Who should fund news about elections? 06/3/24
cheerful_argument I agree with point B. It is difficult to achieve justice with the increase in the number of... How would you respond? 06/3/24
healthy_persimmon In my opinion boycotts are useful now you will know why. Sometimes when we do not boycott... Are boycotts helpful? 05/3/24
cheerful_argument Yes, i think that it's fair to choose C because It is democratic to accept the opinions of... How does the Indian election work? 05/3/24
reliable_butterfly I would like to share my idea in the challenge. I think that governments should incorporate... The media and elections 05/3/24
cheerful_argument Hi steff I think that Marie Curie is an example of super women because she discovered a... β€œNations that fail women, fail.” 05/3/24