Is A.I meant for school?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

A.I is very useful not only for online help for things we don't know much about but for school too. However being used in school it's not the best. I believe this because you can't always get the help you need as the A.I may not give you the indepth help you need. Not all help that children need it about facts. Sometimes they may need an explanation that they understand and only a conversation with an adult can help with this. It can make children feel better knowing someone is listening to themChildren with needs may not help that they need as they can only be understood a human and may struggle with learning. For example a student with dyslexia needs help with their reading but wouldn't get that help with A.I. This means they may not become more confident so don't learn.

It is important to learn how to work with A.I as we will have jobs in the future where we will have to work with it. However, I do not think this means it has a place in schools as the main teacher. It is good to have it to help but a human is still needed.

Overall, I think that A.I is meant for school but only as a way to help us like using the internet to do research. I don't think it should have a bigger part as children need to be taught by humans as this helps them to learn better.