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Comments by students of Meridian High School | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
content_donkey Ways we can take action is giving people the space they need letting them take their time in any... Take Action in Eco-anxiety! 27/3/24
observant_bee Although AI can be a great help to teachers, they could end up taking millions of jobs from... AI and the future of education 27/3/24
flowing_flute A.I. is wonderful but doesn't always work in schools. It can be hard for some children and A.I.... AI in education 27/3/24
appreciative_watermelon I don't think that immigration should happen. I think this because... 1. Mass immigration... Immigration, should it happen? 27/3/24
nice_swan Hello everyone! I hope you all are well and healthy. In this piece of writing, I will be... Can Gender Equality Solve Poverty? 27/3/24
enterprising_acorn Hello! In this piece of writing i will be talking about my opinions on AI ,how it might take... AI education and the future of work 27/3/24
calm_wildcat I believe that ai can be a good resource for schools and education. Other than that, ai can be... Will schools exist in future? 27/3/24
content_donkey AI could change our daily lives in many ways for example AI will take over some jobs and this... How will AI change our lives? 27/3/24
charismatic_cicada I disagree with AI for orphanages,because what if they have a malfunction and break down or they... AI In Orphanages 27/3/24
open_chemistry I agree with your comment because there truly are many flaws that were created by us which now... Animal Suffering Around The World; and How Can We Stop It? 27/3/24
observant_bee In my opinion, AI can be good for schools. It can help more with kids who struggle to learn in... AI and the future of education 27/3/24
appreciative_watermelon In my opinion i think that immigration should happen i think this because... 1. Job vacancies... Why countries need immigrants to thrive. 27/3/24
amiable_fly Agreed, neglecting others plays a very big role especially when they do not have all facts or... Eco Anxiety: Is it the same for everyone? 27/3/24
intuitive_orchard Honestly, i think it is a 50/50 as you could take enhancments that allow you to do things that... The Enhanced Games 27/3/24
nice_armadillo I agree because while politics already interact with buisnesses. If more politics are added to... Business and politics 27/3/24
amiable_fly Hello! I agree, however I also believe business can be made from social media because social... Can social media influence businesses? 27/3/24
imaginative_aspect I think that the best way to welcome ex-prisoners back into society is to create a community of... Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society 27/3/24
thoughtful_conclusion i think AI would not be good at education and work just because there can be some technical... Ai: education and the future of work. 27/3/24
charismatic_cicada I agree to disagree because we would be saving loads of lives but everyone would waste lots of... AI: and the future of war 27/3/24
extraordinary_conclusion I strongly agree with this statement because AI will be able to tell which child needs what.... AI In Orphanages 27/3/24