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Yes, indeed. I apologize!

AI does all of our work—all of it—rather than merely lending a helping hand!

Want a task finished, finished. Want a ppt to be prepared, prepared. Want a essay to be written, written. This makes being a student so much easier!

We're all lazy people, believe me, we want someone else to do our work while we receive credit for it. It's wrong, really unfair, but we can't help it. I've learned one thing for sure from the Topical Talk Festival: AI cannot be outwitted, even by AI itself!!

Therefore, be human if you need to outsmart AI.

I looked for a remark, typed it, copied it here, and it was obviously rejected!

But, since I am writing this remark on my own today, thank you topical talk, you have helped me realize that artificial intelligence is not always useful. I have learned not to use AI as a cheat code, and you should too.