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triumphant_beaver I agree with you, we, as an audience also require to take action and bring doping to an end. The... Correctly Judging Immorality in the World of Organized Sports 28/3/24
triumphant_beaver I agree because in sports, giving your best is more important than winning. Even I feel that,... The Enhanced Games - Both sides of the story 28/3/24
glorious_truth Ai in orphanages, I do really appreciate this idea because and hats off to the one who thought... AI In Orphanages 28/3/24
glorious_truth I totally agree with you fascinating road because as India has so many people and also it is the... Religion- A Political Tool! 28/3/24
glorious_truth This festival was outstanding I have to say . This made me feel of every qualities not just... Competition #10 winners 28/3/24
loved_strawberry I think Phyllida Swift made me learn an important aspect of practical life , the way say... Competition #10 winners 28/3/24
unparalleled_raisin Hi I totally disagree with your views and also feel that your comment is totally baseless and... The Indian Election 28/3/24
fascinating_road Well-quoted, "Media is regarded as the forth pillar of a democracy." I agree that the media, in... Media and Elections 27/3/24
communicative_engine The festival expert I learned something important from was Daniel Hume. I am a huge enthusiast... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
unparalleled_raisin Hi I believe that One Nation One Election will be a good decision. It can save up to... One nation one election commission in Indian election 27/3/24
triumphant_beaver I agree with you, we need to take action on 'Eco-Anxiety'. And, I have a feeling that with... Take Action in Eco-anxiety! 27/3/24
loved_thought I think so too, this is clearly our mess to clean up because in the first place it was us who... Our mess to clean up 27/3/24
benevolent_groundhog I believe that yes, it is possible to stop doping. However, this will not occur in just a few... The Enhanced Games:is doping fair? My opinion. 27/3/24
loved_thought I think making more prisons is not the real solution. As it is well known that prevention is... Are prisons actually working? 27/3/24
triumphant_beaver I agree, if we all work unitedly, we can achieve sustainable future! But, for that, we need take... The climate crisis: The urgent need for action and hope for a more sustainable future. 27/3/24
nice_ferret I have heard many experts, discussing on different fields of various topics, some relate to our... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
empathetic_opportunity To be honest, this festival changed me completely, it's as if I am a new person altogether. A... Topical Talk and YOU 27/3/24
terrific_gooseberry The festival expert I learnt something important from was Luba Kassova.I learned that today we... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
terrific_gooseberry Yes I do agree with you AI can be proved beneficial for children in orphanage in many ways like... AI In Orphanages 27/3/24
balanced_iceberg I strongly agree with you and can relate to it as well. Nowadays eco-anxiety is growing globally... Eco-anxiety how it affects us and our wellbeing 27/3/24