WIll AI be the future?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Will AI be the future is a question many people find asking themselves however, AI being able to take over all the jobs in the future is not crazy however I believe that it will take a long while.

For example teachers, because teachers are humans they could feel how thir students feel, they could of had the same problem the students have had before.

Artists could never be replaced since AI could create realistic art in seconds real artist's work would be original and great.

We have created many types of AI with many different types of qualities or types of professions.

ChatGPT one of the most known AI bots is used to just do it all, it is not the best at doing what it does but it gets the job done, but claude AI is an AI bot made for revewing and anwsering questions about text. (According to shorturl.at/mADHL Google-backed Anthropic, Claude 3 performs better than the GPT family of language models that power ChatGPT on a series of benchmark cognitive tests.

On our tests, we found that Claude is more articulate than ChatGPT, and its answers are usually better written and easier to read.) However lets get back to the main question, will AI be the future?

Realistically and most likely yes there has already been robots made to cary out every day human tasks so you and your job(s) might be taken over by robots.