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quickwitted_penguin I think all of them are good athletes need time to train and have proper nutrition and have the... Unfair advantage? 28/3/24
dedicated_forest I agree with you phenomenal_technology, this is because the media does have a big effect on... Media and Elections 28/3/24
quickwitted_penguin We should make a change by using environmental friendly products using clean sources of energy... How to make a change 28/3/24
jubilant_harmonica It is not the same for everyone because some people would like to contribute to eco-anxiety,... Eco Anxiety: Is it the same for everyone? 28/3/24
inspirational_lake I my opinion I think AI would improve our world with jobs that humans cannot do very well.... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 28/3/24
calm_measurement People aren't changing their behavior because they feel that whatever they do will not make an... Why don’t people change? 28/3/24
credible_power On the one hand, it's understandable that the Olympics aims to be a neutral zone for politics,... Sports and politics 28/3/24
inspirational_lake I agree with you! I think people are waiting for others to take action instead of taking action themself. Why don’t people change? 28/3/24
methodical_kiwifruit I disagree with opinion C, which states "Voters should be able to choose their leader - not just... How would you respond? 28/3/24
methodical_kiwifruit I feel like elections depend on the situation that should decide whether or not to be held... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 28/3/24
vivacious_flower I agree that cheating is unacceptable, especially when it can harm someone's health. Sports... Unfair advantage? 28/3/24
insightful_cello A democratic election system is when people in a democratic country vote for somebody or... What is a democratic election system? 28/3/24
fun_mandarin I agree climate change is affecting everyone one way or another. We need to spread awareness ... The climate crisis: The urgent need for action and hope for a more sustainable future. 27/3/24
fun_mandarin The key to a sustainable future is we as a global community coming together to help our planet. ... The climate crisis: The urgent need for action and hope for a more sustainable future. 27/3/24
capable_yuzu A good discussion I would like to discuss with people is "How will AI impact Equality In All... Suggest a discussion 27/3/24
credible_power Opinion A: Agree I agree with opinion A because International Women's Day provides a dedicated... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 27/3/24
amicable_temperature I don't remember who the expert was, though I learned a lot about enhanced games, and how people... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
calm_measurement I do not think that elections should be held during war because people might just vote for... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 27/3/24
comfortable_rock I agree because more youths are taking actions for the war in Ukraine. Many adults haven't been... Are young people politically engaged? 27/3/24
dedicated_forest Yes, I agree with you excited_snow, I also believe that this information was good and concise.... Immigration: divise policies 27/3/24