Business and Politics: countries at war

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

When a country goes to war, businesses have to make the big decision if they should keep working in the country or not. For example, when Russia invaded Ukraine many businesses left the country. Mcdonald’s,a business that left Russia said, “The humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, and the precipitating unpredictable operating environment have led Mcdonald's to conclude that continued ownership of business in Russia is no longer tenable nor is it consistent with Mcdonald’s values.”

There can be positives of staying in a country at war. This includes, the business will get more money, going back to the Russo-Ukrainian war, Russia is a large country with a population of around 144,100,682 as of March 14th 2024, according to the worldometer website. There's a lot of innocent people living in war countries that will buy from businesses. A large beauty company,Avon, stayed in Russia to support women “whose lives depend on their Avon business.” the beauty brand said.

There are also many negatives of staying in a war country, such as conflict from the public. This can lead to public boycotts, a boycott is when a group of people avoid buying from a business as a form of protest, the aim is to impact the businesses profit, forcing it to change. On January 19th 2024 Pizza Hut got boycotted for supporting Israelis. The company posted a picture on the Pizza Hut Israel Instagram account reposted a story from a user that showed two smiling soldiers holding Pizza Hut boxes, implying the fast-food chain provided meals to the soldiers for free. The story eventually got expired and can no longer be seen on Pizza Hut's Instagram.

In conclusion, I believe businesses can stay in war countries to provide man made things such as appliances,medicine,etc. Although it can be better for the businesses reputation to leave as they get disapproval from the public,leading to less people buying from their business.