Navigating the impact of social media on business and Politics in Pakistan

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As we all know that social media has great impact on growing business as well as Polticis and also in ruining both at a same time. I want to discuss my standpoint both politics and business impact stepwise
Business Dominance:
1. Businesses are afforded platforms by social media to amplify their visibility and cultivate brand reputation. Engaging positively on social media has the potential to elevate brand recognition and foster customer loyalty.
2. Companies operating in Pakistan have the opportunity to interact directly with their customer via social media platforms, facilitating immediate feedback and interactions. This capability empowers businesses to promptly address customer inquiries and adapt their offerings to align with customer preferences.
3. Feedback and endorsements shared on social media platforms wield considerable influence over consumer actions in Pakistan. Favorable reviews have the potential to bolster sales, whereas unfavorable ones can tarnish a company's image and financial performance
Political Dominance:
1. In Pakistan, social media has become a potent instrument for mobilizing political support and fostering activism. Political entities, activists, and the public leverage these platforms to coordinate rallies, protests, and advocacy campaigns, effectively reaching broad audiences and stimulating public dialogue on diverse topics.
2. Secondly we have world-wide iconic example of Imran khan who how well navigated social media.
On December 17, 2023, the PTI conducted its inaugural virtual rally in Pakistan through a platform known as StreamYard, engaging an audience of five million. Recognizing the Pakistani populace's interest in listening to Khan, PTI developed an AI system to produce audio clips featuring him, which are now being aired during these virtual rallies.
The speech, lasting four minutes, featured excerpts from previous addresses, video compilations, and handwritten notes sent by Khan from prison to Ilyas and his team, as reported by Al Jazeera.
Khan's social media post urged the highest possible turnout for voting.
Imran Khan's Communication from Prison: "My fellow Pakistanis, I have been sentenced to 24 years in prison for advocating for your true freedom."

In Pakistan, the widespread influence of social media significantly affects both business and politics, shaping public conversations, impacting decision-making, and fostering socio-political transformations. Nevertheless, it also introduces challenges including misinformation, polarization, and privacy issues, which need to be tackled to fully utilize the constructive aspects of social media for societal advancement.

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  • Yes, I strongly agree with the point that social media can have a massive impact on businesses. This is mainly because social media is a major way of gaining publicity and a good reputation. If a business is displayed on the social media as a good, profitable and positive one, the sales have a very high chance of increasing noticeably as many people use social media and many online buyers purchase goods that are shown positively online. This boosts the economy of a businesses due to it's reputation on social media. Whereas, if a business is presented negatively on social media there is an extremely high chance that there will be a drastic decrease in sales as many individuals especially young people use social media frequently and tend to believe whatever information is put on there. The business also has a liability to lose its own customers because bad social media publicity can be equal to a lower chance of having customers specifically those who use social media. I also believe that in cases like this influencers and celebrities can equally have a great impact on businesses depending on how they show their views of those businesses whether in a good or bad way. For example if a popular singer or tik toker presents a product online as unreliable and bad for the environment, some of his/her followers might withdraw from buying that product or even thinking of buying it. Simply because of how someone famous or rich sees it. In conclusion, I think that social media can have a great impact on businesses in a positive or negative way due to their reputation online.