Young people's involvement in business and politics

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The most debated question these days is whether or not young people should be involved in business and politics. I think that since young people are the future of the nation and the world, they should be involved in business and politics.

The involvement of young people in business and politics doesn’t mean they have to make the decisions and do the all tasks now. It simply means that they will be concerned about business and politics, will be eager to know, curious and can express their opinion. It means that from a young age, they will have a close understanding of different terms of business and politics so that they don’t face any difficulties in future while leading the country. It will raise the interest among the young people to choose business or politics as a career. A nation's political and business systems are extremely important, and if its youth are capable of managing them, the nation will undoubtedly advance. We know that young people are the most creative and unique thinkers, so if we offer them an opportunity to express their opinions about politics and business, we never know what amazing solutions they might have to help us get through our present crisis. Therefore, it is obvious that involving young people in business and politics will have many beneficial outcomes.

But how will we involve the young people in business and politics?

First and foremost, we need to spark young people's enthusiasm in politics and business. We can create an online community or forum where young people can express their thoughts and opinions on various business and political topics. We may get their opinions on many subjects and ask them to help us with solutions by using this forum. Who knows, maybe one of their answers will be a turning point in our crisis-resolution process. Additionally, we can also award gifts to those young people who will come up will more new and innovative solutions and will regularly take part in different discussions. This will create a kind of interest among the youth to be involved more in business and politics just like the topical talks platform which creates interest among us to express our opinion about the different hot topics going around us. Besides academic study, we also have to engage the youth in this type of discussion to make them future-proof.