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Can you imagine a world without teacher and classroom? Teacher not only teaches us academic... AI can not outdo the human teacher 26/3/24
I agree with you. As you say, AI is a tool, and it depends on us how we will use it. Ai has both... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 26/3/24
I must say you have made a very good point. The tone of your voice just grabbed my attention... we are killing the earth 25/3/24
I feel like it's good to have eco-anxiety as it will give you the urge to take actions. When you... Is it good to have ECO-anxiety? 25/3/24
The way AI is created, used, and governed will determine how positive or negative of an impact... Because of Ai, will the world turn good, bad or good and bad. 24/3/24
Many of us overlook the fact that animal extinction is a result of human activity, which may... Animal Suffering Around The World; and How Can We Stop It? 22/3/24
I totally agree with you. I think that the ex-prisoners need support and help to reintegrated... Supporting ex-prisoners to reintegrate into the society 22/3/24
You made a very good point and I agree with you. It's not right to collect vote through hurting... Religion- A Political Tool! 22/3/24
I am also optimistic about the topic that in future AI might help us to tackle or overcome... AI and Eco-Anxiety 22/3/24
In future, I think the way people will get their news will depend on technology because of the... Competition #9 winners 21/3/24
It's the high time we take actions to protect our climate and environment. We have already been... Take Action in Eco-anxiety! 21/3/24
It really sad to think that in the 21st century women still have to stay at home and only have... Women online - more than just a pretty face 19/3/24
I totally agreed with you. It's true that the main motive of business is making money but... business isn't an excuse 19/3/24
I agree with you that agriculture can help to prevent climate change. But the use of modern... Is agriculture a potential solution to climate change? 19/3/24
It's true that the immigrants can be a benefit for the host country. Let's take the example of... Benefits of Immigrants to a Country 18/3/24
I think ChatGPT is a tool, and it depends on us how we use it. Well now a days the most common... Chat gpt 18/3/24
Well, that's not true all the time. Boycott may have several negative effects on business.... The Power of Boycotts: Good or Bad? 18/3/24
You have made a very good viewpoint. I also do believe that it is the duty and responsibility of... Helping countries stop migration 17/3/24
The easiest way to combat or reduce eco-anxiety is turning them as a positive spirit and... Eco-anxiety, what can be done about it? 17/3/24
I totally agree with you. I'm also going through the same pressure. I don't know why my school... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 15/3/24