Climate change and Eco Anxiety!!

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The natural environment is changing and people are worried about what that means for the future. That worry which is increasingly becoming severe enough to cause their distress, is of course called eco-anxiety. This eco anxiety can be defined as a fear to people caused by many extreme weather conditions or environmental changes, like floods, forest fires, storms. Climate change, therefore is one of the most important causes of eco anxiety.

In particular, in my country, Greece, people are suffering from eco anxiety and this is because previous generations' activities and government authorities were not very active on this topic. They didn't do enough actions to change this situation causing people to question and worry even more. For example, in recent years in my country many events took place in many regions such as floods, ,fires, earthquakes. Another typical example is the high temperatures during summers, resulting flowers bloom earlier, animals can't find food and water and people being prone to diseases.

All of the above have happened because of human behavior. Furthermore, ,factories, carelessness of people throwing litter on the streets, lack of recycling bins and lack of education and empathy are the main reasons that cause climate change. Finally, another reason humans don't change this behavior on that crucial problem is the economic situation the world is facing the last 20 years and they believe that climate change is meaningless.

In order to surpass these obstacles, people need to be educated regarding environmental protection. They should be informed daily and act for the sake of the next generations. If they have always this on their mind, they will achieve a better planet for all of us.