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Comments by students of Mary N. Raptou School | Greece

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adventurous_river Hello to everyone! It was a wonderful opportunity to read and learn about so many different... Meet our school communities! 26/3/24
educated_thought Yes I agree with you! AI can help us with eco anxiety in 2 different ways. First of all, we can... AI and Eco-Anxiety 26/3/24
educated_revolution I agree with you and I find your examples extremely compelling and convincing. A business in... Profits or the planet? 26/3/24
amusing_queen Thank you to the whole team of the Economist! And congratulations to all the students ! Alastair Burnet Award: winners announced! 25/3/24
charismatic_computer Hello, I loved the festival. It was very beneficial for me because I learnt how to speak more... Topical Talk and YOU 24/3/24
amusing_queen Anything that makes you stressed and anxious for me is not good for your health and your well... Is it good to have ECO-anxiety? 22/3/24
educated_revolution Hello poetic_laboratory. I absolutely concur with everything you aforementioned on your... How are women portrayed in contemporary society? 22/3/24
educated_revolution It was a variety of interesting and challenging topics to discuss and comment! Some of them were... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 21/3/24
educated_thought Such a catchy title!! I believe to be because it will help students a lot. It already has as we... Ai in Education and Life: To be or Not to be? 21/3/24
thankful_brain Yes AI can be beneficial if used properly. It can help students in many ways by researching... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 21/3/24
thankful_brain As you stated there are both sides you have to consider. I personally believe that a business... Business and Politics: countries at war 20/3/24
peaceful_mode It is a rather diveded issue split into two different opinions. It may seeem challenging to be... Future leaders: poll results! 20/3/24
educated_revolution I gently disagree with you because I believe that a country should prioritise safety and during... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 19/3/24
educated_revolution Personally, I believe that the ideal leader for my country would be a person who would try to... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 19/3/24
inspired_lake Your ideas on which jobs cannot be replaced by robots and AI are very compelling. As you said... AI and jobs 19/3/24
positive_world It was a totally new experience to me! First of all I learnt so many new things, vocabulary and... Topical Talk and YOU 19/3/24
valuable_journalist Immigration as you mention can promote diversity and less stereotyping issues. But the case is... Immigration, should it happen? 19/3/24
amusing_queen In a way you have right, there is still a long way to achieve the fullest equality between men... Women online - more than just a pretty face 19/3/24
excited_music I also believe that enchanted games are not fair. I believe that they are not depending on the... Are the enhanced games fair? 19/3/24
fantastic_morning Yes it was quite what I expected. I understand that immigration is a difficult topic to handle... The UK's Rwanda policy: poll results! 19/3/24