If prisons aren't fit for purpose the prisoners should be set free

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

“If prisons aren’t fit for purpose, then the prisoners should be set free.”

I will be sharing my standpoint on prisons. This is an important topic because on Sunday 7th January 2024 Joe had escape from prison.

Some people might agree with this statement because there is no point to give the prisoners to the place where they can escape from.In addition, they need time and patience so that they could learn from their mistakes.Lastly,why do they put Joe where is easy to escape from prison?

Alternatively, others may disagree with this statement because they need to recaptured and the prisoners would do lot of harms and it will be unsafe.In addition, they could destroy the world which is not good.

In my opinion, we need in prison punishment, reformative,secure and safe.The prison will friendly and kind to each other.That why we need prison to be kind.