If prisons aren't fit for purpose then prisoners should be set free

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I will be sharing my standpoint on prisons. This is an important topic because 'Fito' (the leader of a very powerful gang) escaped Ecuador’s maximum security prison on January 8th, 2024. So, if prisons are not fit for purpose should they be set free?

Some people might agree with the statement because they go to prison for justice. If they can get out of prison then the victim of the crime will not feel safe. In addition, if the prison is not secure or reformative, they will not learn. Also, if the prison is not secure it will feel like a hotel rather than prison. Furthurmore, prison is meant to be a punishment and the prisons in Ecuador do not have these qualities.

Alternatively, others may disagree with this statement because there might be a prison that is fit for purpose and the prisoner should be moved to that prison even if the prison is not fit for purpose they should not be set free because they still need a punishment. They should still be taken to prison because they might go to a different country and cause even more trouble. In addition, even if the prison is not fit for purpose they should go because if they do not they might cause more havoc that could really impact the country.

In my opinion I think that prisoners should still go to prison even if it is not fit for purpose because prisons are meant to punish the criminals for their criminal activities and they should be thought how to become a citizen. In the future I think prisons should be checked every month to check if it is doing it is job and if it is not then the prison should close down or should be put on more super vision.

Thank you for reading.