“If prisons aren’t fit for purpose,then the prisoners should be set free”

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I will be sharing my standpoint on prisons.This is a very important topic because Jose Adolflo Macias Villamar,who is known as ‘Fito’.He is a leader of a powerful gang in Ecuador.On the day of January the 7th 2024 Fito was discovered missing from his cell but in order for him to escape would have been apparent because the cell Fito was in allowed electronics even though they should be banned also there were weapons so he could have easily escaped using a crowbar to hit the bars down. Fito has also escaped many prisons before.

Some people might agree with this statement because if prisons aren't secure there could be really dangerous serial killers that will go loose so what’s the point of having prisons if they can't do their job properly?So that means prisons shouldn’t be here anymore and the guards should get fired for not doing their job properly.

But on the other hand others may disagree with this statement because prisoners should still get a punishment because if they escape prison people would most likely to get in danger so prisons should be really well secured or they could break out again and again and again so there has to be more stronger bars so they can't break out repeatedly.