Prison Reforms

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Hello everyone, I am going to talk about prisons in Ecuador. Prison before now was a place where people who commit crimes such as stealing, kidnapping, rape, killing or murder, fraud, etc in society are taken for some time to reform for their crimes or actions, but now it is no longer known as a prison because it hardens and demoralises the criminals or offenders, it is now referred to as the Correctional Centre where the criminals go and are being helped to change from their bad ways and make them more useful to both themselves and society at large and can be done by training some of them in schools while serving their jail terms or putting some in acquisition or learning of skills to keep them busy and better their lives. It is important to me because it lets me know that there are places where criminals are being kept to remove fear from citizens and to make nations stronger.

I think that everyone would be affected by this topic as they would make a conscious effort in their daily activities to live crime-free lives to avoid being taken to the police stations and consequently Correctional Centres. They would therefore want to follow the appropriate ways of the societies and so the availability of correctional centres affects everyone making them change into better people so the future results can be better.

However, I think that it is not all the prisoners that would get benefits of set-ups or opportunities after they have left the prisons. For instance, out of ten maybe only three or four might be opportune to get such packages to better their lives and gain some after leaving prisons are stigmatized by society even when

they know they are reformed.

Well, I think that prisoners should also be given chances to do beneficial things in society because I believe they have been reformed into good people.

For example, in the Jos Prisons where I know of my grandfather who worked in the aftercare units, they make sure the prisoners as they are being released, are being accompanied by some packages that would help them in society.

In conclusion, prisons are meant to reform criminals and not to keep them away from their friends or relatives. Also, prisoners should be given privileges to reintegrate into society without any form of stigmatization.

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  • I agree with you because back in those days prisons were known as Correctional center but nowadays prisons are said to be awful. The government should put money in prisons because if they give packages to prisoners so they can feel wanted and special, it could quicken the correctional process. If the prisoners recieve such gifts, they would correct their behaviors and make them feel special. it will most likely encourage them to stop being lawbreakers.