What are the purposes of prisons?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


It is a well known fact that prisons are facilities where people who have been convicted are sent to serve their sentences. They are designed to keep society safe and provide a form of punishment for those who break the law.

Prisons play a crucial role in the criminal justice system.They serve as a place for confinement for those who have been f guilty for committing crimes. Punishment of course is one of the main purpose. It aims to hold the individuals accountable for their actions and provide a consequence for their crimes.

Deterrence is another goal of prisons. The idea is that by witnessing the consequences, it will discourage others from engaging in similar behaviour. This can be achieved by both specific deterrence, where the criminal is deterred from reoffending and general where the public are deterred from commiting too.

I honestly believe that the next two goals are the most important. Rehabilitation focuses on helping inmates to find the underlying issues that led them to criminal behaviour. So through educational programs prisons can equip them with the skills and support in order to reenter society.

Lastly, prisons aim should be to protect society by removing those who pose a threat to their safety.

In conclusion, all these purposes if they are mixed and treated in balance I believe their ultimate goal will be achieved.