why prison isn't working

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Prisons are not working, I think prisons do not do enough and need to be more tough on inmates as people just get out of prison and reoffend because they know the punishment isn't that bad.

In my opinion, the current prison system is inefficient as inmates tend to view it as a cost-free haven devoid of consequences. Apart from receiving free meals, some prisoners even profit from selling drugs within the facility, which ultimately supports their livelihood upon release.

I think prisons need to do more for punishment and need to be more tough allround. I also think inmates need to do jobs to earn their food and drinks.

It is essential to understand that prisons play a big role in protecting society from dangerous people. While incarceration may not be a perfect solution, it is an effective way to keep dangerous offenders away from the community. Therefore, we must continue to protect the public