why prisons: emergency in Ecuador is an important topic and the cruelty of them

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I've picked this topic because I feel strongly that young people need to feel safe. Prisoners need to be treated and punished for what they've done. Most prisons only care about keeping prisoners but they need to be thinking how to get the prisoners to learn from their mistakes. Members of the public should feel safe from bad people and shouldn't feel that there could be a chance for a dangerous situation. There are prisons all over the world that don't focus on their prisoners. I think they should think about the them and give them the punishment they deserve. Some prisoners are faced with cruelty towards them that is not needed and that's why they feel the need to be dangerous or even escape from the prisons. The prison shouldn't be like a five star hotel but it shouldn't be as cruel as it is. They should face the punishment they deserve and nothing less or more. Obviously the prisoners are not innocent but some of them are still people and they need to learn from their mistakes. Mental Health is also an importrant part of the prisoners and they need to get help if need it.

The cleanliness of these prisons probably isn't helping these prisons. They are still people that live there and they should at least live in a clean and healthy environment. The punishment should be being kept isolated from the public and not living in a disgusting life.

In conclusion Prisons should focus more on their prisoners and their mental health also focusing on their punishment for how long they stay.