STEP THREE: make your Standpoint

When you're ready to submit your Standpoint:

  1. Go to MY WORK
  2. Click on "Create a new Standpoint"
    This will only be possible from March 4th!
  3. Select a topic
    You should only submit one Standpoint
  4. Choose your format
    Do you want to create a written, audio or video Standpoint?
  5. Create your Standpoint.
    If you picked writing, add a title and write your Standpoint.
    If you picked audio or video, write your title, record you video or audio live from your device. Then submit for approval.

    For audio or video Standpoints, you will need a device with a microphone and/or video to record. Videos will be approved by your teacher before being sent to the Topical Talk team - so let them know when you have submitted one for them to check. You can upload pre-recorded videos or film them live through your device - but all audio must be recorded live.

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  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a staple of modern day society; it is a revolutionary advancement for humanity and technology, and it is exceptionally good at making life easier. For example, some technology can assist the elderly or people with disabilities through mobility support and household tasks; it can also provide communication and interaction for those who are without it. While AI is a very good tool with many uses for it, there are certain issues that hinder society in various ways. In this essay, I will distinguish the differences between pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

    One positive impact is that AI is much more accurate than us humans, which means that if something is done by an AI, there’s a higher chance of it being done correctly. Another positive aspect about artificial intelligence is that it can improve access to education for pupils by making support that has been customized for school pupils and teachers.

    Negative aspects about AI is that in the future it could make citizens lose their jobs or could make jobseekers lose their chances of getting a job that they want, this suggests that it could lead to most of the population not being able to make money.

    In conclusion, I believe that AI has its pros and cons, as long as we don’t overdo the use of AI, everything should be fine.

  • AI (Artificial intelligence)is rapidly becoming smarter and more powerful over the years. Most people are now using AI to run their businesses. Whilst it results in many benefits it also has a negative side to it. I will be writing about AI: education and the future of work.

    Firstly, many people believe and have experienced that AI-powered machines can do some jobs more efficiently than humans. This provides the public with better quality service and stuff they need. AI will do better in the dangerous jobs that people do. Also there are jobs that AI won’t make that many mistakes on that humans would make more mistakes on.

    Firstly, many people think that AI can negatively impact society - mostly affecting workers and their jobs. This can be through malfunction which can provide the public with poorer service and dissatisfactory experiences. It can also be through threatening and removing people’s jobs, leaving many with no jobs, money and homes.

    My opinion is that I don’t agree with the idea of AI powered machines taking over most jobs in the future because it can go very, very badly. The potential for malfunction and take over the business raises concerns. Also, if most jobs are taken over by AI a lot of people will become jobless and then homeless.

  • In 2024 people have made a debate about artificial intelligence (AI) and robot since people think in around 10-20 years they will have no more jobs and ai will take over their jobs.So the adults there will no longer have their jobs and ai is rapidly growing and becoming more intelligent than a normal person but soon there will be no more jobs to work at since all might be animated and controlled by ai.The positives of artificial intelligence (AI).
    Firstly if you could have it as a slave so if you ask it something it does it and it could carry you around or you could have a remote that you could control him.Secondly he could make you money like doing jobs.Thirdly if you have AI as a teacher it will be shockingly smart and you will be able to have very smart children or adults if they go back to school.
    The negatives of artificial intelligence(AI)is firstly that people could be lazy and not do as much work.Secondly people will lose money and not get and will be unemployed and homeless.Thirdly if people lose their jobs they might not get any food or water.I
    n conclusion artificial intelligence(AI) has some up and downs like people could get lazy or you could have like a slave robot so if you make him do something he does it .In my opinion artificial intelligence(AI) should be accepted to the word but you get a small amount of money a week but you don't go to work and your job is just doing exercise

  • AI has become a big part of our modern day lives and at times Ai is crucial to have.We have been making advancements almost every year for enhancing its ability. For example,virtual reality and actual robots have been developed.
    So far,we don't fully know what types of ai will be made in the future as technology is advancing so quickly

    A large percentage of people believe that AI will take all our jobs and people will become lazy,and AI could find a way to kill us by creating weapons.

    People also think that the new chip implant could control people.
    Another percent of people believe that AI can help us achieve many things like travelling to new galaxies or planets we never thought of.

    If AI gets advanced enough we could find new ways to cure fatal diseases like cancer and maybe even boosting our immune systems so we never get them.
    I think AI can be a good thing one example is a cafe run by robots but,they are controlled by people and they still get paid,the metaverse(virtual reality) can also be used for things like 3d modeling and meeting people in new ways.

    In conclusion,i don't mind AI’s existence in our lives and it may become very useful for everyone in the not so far future.

  • AI, the modern development by humans, has now become the social and economic helper to us. This has now become a thing that we are now depending on. But there are some negative impacts about it. It's a useful thing, but, in some cases, it can cause harm to us or our environment. In future, this can be used so much that humans will even forget how to walk. This can also cause harm to Mother Nature. Now the positive impacts, AI can be helpful to elderly people, be helpful in doing hard tasks that people won't be able to do, etc.

    THANK YOU!!!

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): a staple for modern day humanity. Whilst a fairly new technology to society, AI has the potential to grow and impact the education and work sectors around the world, as well as many other areas of everyday life. The progress and advancement of computerised technology means that artificial intelligence now has the power and opportunity to improve efficiency in many aspects of today’s society. However, with the increase of AI, this can also lead to the displacement of people in jobs as technology replaces them, resulting in unemployment and poverty. In this essay, I will explain the effect that AI could have on society whilst considering its pros and cons.
    There are many advantages that ai and its efficiency can bring to the workplace and educational life. For example, in supermarkets that people are accessing everyday, AI can help by using tills that can register what you are buying rather than waiting for a person to do it for you. This increases the efficiency of the supermarket service as it means more customers can come in and out, without having to wait in big lines. Furthermore, another advantage that AI brings is the fact that it can code and develop programs quicker and more accurately than the average person. This means that they can code and develop things faster, influencing jobs like making games and other things that are needed to be programmed. The third and final advantage is that they can help people to learn and study, as well as write essays, as it can show you how to spell words, suggest parts of a sentence, or even sometimes write it for you!
    The disadvantages of AI would be the fact that companies and business may want to replace their workers with artificial intelligence, believing that it will progress and enhance their company due to efficiency of technology and it being cost-efficient. However, AI would not be as good a human at most jobs as AI and robots can and will malfunction; whereas humans will not, proving that humans would be better at jobs. Another disadvantage is when companies and businesses replace their workers with technology, causing people to lose their jobs. This means that there will be more unemployment and poverty, as people would not have jobs and then not get any money. Without any jobs, people will not be able to get simple things like food, houses and water etc. Another disadvantage is the fact that if you want AI to do something, you must program it to do so first; whereas you can simply tell someone to do something and they will do it - you do not have to program them.
    In my opinion, AI does have beneficial aspects; however, overall I think that it is not a good idea. This is because, like any invention, it will malfunction and go wrong; whereas humans will not. Despite the fact that AI does have some good and helpful things, it is not as efficient as humans. Overall, humans can do jobs better than AI because we were the ones to make the jobs in the first place. This means that people have more experience and the skills you need to do the job well. Another thing is the fact that it will put more and more people into poverty makes it problematic. AI benefits today’s society exponentially, but at what cost?``