Enhanced Drugs: What's the outcome?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The topic I am here to discuss is Enhanced Drugs. Enhanced drugs is significant because it interacts with fairness, health, and ethics. The proposal is from a billonaire named Peter Thiel, also known as the former CEO of PayPal. Ever since, the topic has been talked by MILLIONS of people, and arguments have began. Many of the people seems that it is very unfair to the people that have been working very hard for the olypmics just for the oppurtunity to be seized away by...Drugs! Many people think that it is fair for disabled people. But what is the real problem?

Enhanced Drugs is a serious topic, many people really don’t know the health risks that Enhanced drugs can bring. Everyone should just play fair, such as working out, eating healthy, etc. Do we really need to take drugs just to be a fake lifter, a fake jumper? Doping has led to major health issues such as strokes, etc. Imagine all of the altheletes working for this particular moment just for a FAKE bodybuilder to get the award..

In my opinion, it is very unfair to use Enhanced Drugs during the olypmics. You’re going to be on the verge of health risk, nevertheless you will be noticed for being very fake. It causes neutrological problems. This is why it is unfair and should never be used.